1. Judging by the weather and the style of the houses, this looks like somewhere in Ontario.

  2. No but I have seen it happen like right In front of me the car came off the road and jumped over the hill and rocks towards the company’s parking lot

  3. I heat mine halfway until I hear first click then i hold the flame on the very end of the tip to speed up the second click. I find that waiting for the second click, while heating lower on the FMJ/ cap, will cause combustion more frequestntly. (I made my own form a piece of copper so I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the FMJ, just my own version of it)

  4. Tying a rope from the base of the ladder to that steel column would reduce the risk of the ladder sliding back and would only take you 20 seconds.

  5. Theres a place near me that advertises a Keigel Chair that you sit on and it does hundreds of kiegels for you in one session. I wonder if something like that works or is just a gimmick?

  6. Whoa. I wonder if libby would also work on males. I don't see why it wouldnt. I do find it fun to do the exercises as I shower though.

  7. Mary Brown's is surprisingly good, (but probably not the small biz you're looking for ).

  8. Well his whole body didn't melt into the carpet but the coroner removed what was left of him and bones don't decompose like flesh

  9. Just wondering if your company provides any kind of counselling for workers that have to go through seeing and smelling this, or is it jsut assumed to part of your job? I would be pretty fucked up after seeing this up close.

  10. I didn't realize it was sour cookies, I love sour cookies. Will look out for it for sure

  11. Theres a panhandler guy that stands at the Spadina W/B onramp in the afternoons , holding a " Hungry not McLovin It "sign that I ran into at the Queens Quay Beerstore and he was driving an almost new red Honda Accord. Afterwards, I kept noticing it parked nearby his usual spot on the onramp.

  12. This is funny but not that funny. We have a serious homelessness problem in TO, and those fake beggars exploit people’s kindness.

  13. Mine doesn't look like that . It looks like coffee grounds when Im done with it.

  14. They sell the molds for big round ice cubes at grocery stores for about $5-10 for one or two.

  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/oakville/comments/z7ts91/whats_going_on_with_the_burlington_bridge/

  16. I don’t know why everyone’s ignoring cream cake. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought in my life. I normally don’t buy super expensive 3.5’s but cream cake is different. Literally tastes like the creamsicle strain pre-legalization, plus mine was one beautiful nug! Lots of good choices here though. Also slap and tickle is hugely underrated

  17. I tried the GD CREAM cake and it gave me a great case of the giggles. Ive been smoking for over 30 years and I don't get the giggles much anymore, so that was nice.

  18. They are doing construction on the lift bridge. Maybe its related to that.

  19. Coyotes howl for lots of reasons, so it's probably nothing to do with you . Theres a good podcast on the topic if you want to know more ( Stuff You Should know Podcast : How coyotes work)

  20. Probably nothing, those are generally just marketing terms.

  21. That foot long isn't the only lie they are telling you; all the cold cuts are actually made from turkey .

  22. I’m interested in starting this but have no idea where to go or who to talk to.

  23. Don't act afraid. If you see one near your house, you should make noise and try to scare it away so it doesn't come back for your cat or dog. They rarely attack people unless they are being fed and there are very few fatalities ( 3 in past 100 years in all North America). They do enjoy eating cats and dogs though.

  24. I like how he rolls him OUT of the recovery position. I guess they do First Aid different.

  25. I'm not a zoologist, but I'm pretty sure the coyotes will try to eat that dog eventually.

  26. Do you think my local headshop would sell a sploof or personal filter?

  27. I use a respirator cartridge , usually available at hardware and paint stores. The charcoal inside will absorb any smoke or vape you blow in to it. I have used it with my Dynavap when trying to minimize the smell. The only problem is if you accidentally combust it, then the place will stink for sure.

  28. I'm just finishing off an ounce of this stuff. ( $120 plus tax) The buds are nice , very dusty and squishy. The smoke is smooth and tastes great in a vaporizer. The high is good. I had a quick vape before work today and I am productive , talkative and feeling good. I'd say its a good hybrid kind of buzz.

  29. I'm not too good at describing it but slightly fruity/ skunky , perhaps. I'll go try again during lunch and get back to you.

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