1. I’m still waiting on graphic novel. There was a paper shortage and they haven’t shipped yet last I looked. Hopefully that will answer a few more questions

  2. Love the song although not a big fan of Aoki’s blink remixes honestly

  3. I really don't hear the Green Day everyone else hears in this

  4. To me it’s mostly reminiscent of this new “Father of All…” era Green Day. Not their early stuff or even American Idiot. Hopefully that makes sense. At least that’s what I hear

  5. Legacy. As someone who lived this song, if that third verse comes on while I’m at work, I need to step into the bathroom to collect myself for a few seconds.

  6. Great song for sure used to listen to on repeat a lot

  7. Always vibed with this track even back when came out in early high school

  8. They played it on Enema anniversary tour Hope you got to catch it!

  9. The whole shit piss fuck cunt song. I think they stop singing it.

  10. They played it on the Enema anniversary tour

  11. I love it when I’m in the mood. Just good and catchy simple song writing.

  12. Heroes overcoming challenges is one of the most common themes in story telling including our own lives. It’s a lyric about even though this moment may be sad or dark, there’s always tomorrow or the next minute things turn around. All you have to do is do your best to keep your head up and keep going, never give up

  13. The first song I ever heard was “Day N Nite” but the song that made me fall in love with Cudi was “soundtrack 2 my life”.. that’s when I knew this guy was special

  14. I don’t consider them Emo. However their career has gone through phases that I would classify as the following Buddha through Dude Ranch - socal skate punk Enema- Take Off - first wave “pioneers” of pop punk blink-182-neighborhoods - experimental pop punk/alternative California-Nine - pop punk/alternative/rock

  15. “Day dream near a stream with a winter bite Oh I listen to the song on repeat from the other night And I can’t picture you but I sure got the feeling right What a crazy world Pretty little girl” - Pretty Little Girl - blink

  16. I believe a “black scar tire divide” is a tread mark left on the road from peeling out. In this songs case, I think he’s describing being fed up with an empty life, so you run away into the night. The divide portion of lyric I believe is just describing the dividing line between you and everything holding you back.

  17. Been there… hope it gets better 🎵my best laid plans will build and break your heart🎵

  18. A sense of honesty and rawness. Very apparent nods and respect to the genre and art form. Adaptability to new music trends. Storytelling. Deep sense of vocabulary and ability to change flow seemlessly. Surpassing every attempt to get him out of the genre

  19. This is a very interesting topic because I’ve wondered this a lot myself. I wouldn’t call Tom an excellent lyricist, but I do think he has a very unique way of writing his lyrics where he tries to convey more of a general emotion rather than being specific. I feel like he leads the listener down a path, which eventually leads off into several different directions where you can find your own meaning.

  20. This is great. In my comment I said that “black scar tire divide” is you being so fed up you speed away from everything and the tire mark is you dividing yourself from what you’re running from

  21. What’s great about lyrics is some of those things he writes are whatever you want them to mean.

  22. I give Kamikaze, Revival, and MTBMB 7/10. They all have some really really great songs, however there are too many filler songs on them that FEEL like filler songs. And what I mean by that is that on his earlier albums even his filler songs were really strong. And the filler songs now still have some hidden gems of lyricism but the songs as a whole FEEL like just trying to get another track on the album…

  23. More the “uhhhhh it was alright” I guess? Since all the Bond movies I've watched (even Spectre in some parts) were all entertaining in their own right, so I scale it not just if i think its good or bad, but I include all the factors in the movie i wrote on my previous reply (i.e. characters, plot, etc.) to determine how much I like the movie and where I'd rank it

  24. Gotcha I may have just overlooked that comment.

  25. I’d def at minimum love a remake of Everything or Nothing

  26. I’d love to see one. However, I think the story would benefit more if doing a tv series. That or you’re going to have to do some six movie epic to get it all in

  27. Wow I've heard so many people say they really love neighborhoods! What's your fav song on it?

  28. It changes frequently but always really liked Even If She Falls 🤷🏻‍♂️

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