1. “Oh look it’s the three best bond actors in order of greatness from left to right” (Some guy facing them circa 1995)

  2. I haven’t even seen this Fucking nerd fest but this guy saved your franchise.

  3. I also think that Goldeneye pretty much sucks. It never stops to breathe, and Onatopp makes for a very uncomfortable viewing experience.

  4. Onatopp made for a very comfortable viewing experience in my case.I was 15 the first time I watched it and my parents had left me home alone. I almost put myself in hospital. You would have thought I had shares in Kleenex.

  5. You realize the Joker is the unhinged one in this scenario, right?

  6. I don’t think you understood the concept of the film🤡

  7. This is me coming home every day-am i right,fellas? Bdum-tisss🥁 thanks,I’m here all week…

  8. 😂Some of them are like “did you hear something?”

  9. Imagine having your favourite meal in front of you after having not eaten for a week,then someone slaps the plate away from you and everyone cheers for that person.

  10. Offer to go round and repair my wife’s sisters washing machine only to find that half way through it she emerges into the kitchen wearing nothing but stockings and a smile before I vigorously and aggressively throw away 14 years of marriage☹️

  11. Can I just shock you? I like Stratgem. I was braced for the worst after reading the posts here, but I enjoyed it. This maybe because I've only know Alan for 20 years, instead of a being grizzled veteran of 30 years (2003 UKnova baby), but I got a lot of room in my life for more Alan.

  12. I felt like I had the other night when i watched it. And again,it’s fine to join in….

  13. This is going to blow a few minds but- Eat less shit-exercise more.🤯

  14. If I either guy in blue next to her I would scream “OH MY GOD THE FUCKING ENGINE JUST FELL OFF!!!” The daft bitch would pass out

  15. You have to watch Limmy rip into James Corden on his YouTube channel!

  16. You forgot cemetary junction. It's actually alright, but Steve is involved

  17. You mean it’s actually alright WHEN Steve’s involved.apart from the lanky goggle eyed freaks 30 second cameo it’s interminable shit. I’d rather be watching rose red.

  18. For real tho,would it really matter to ANYONE if this guy died?

  19. There’s only one word for that………magic darts

  20. This is bottom of a very long list of things wrong with QOS. Absolute sedative from start to finish. Poorly written,poorly acted waste of time and money.

  21. Well there you have it folks. Dude4001 has put me in my place with such a well thought out,intelligent,intellectual rebuttal that I don’t see any counter argument I could offer. Hats off sir,you deserve this win 🥇🏆🎖

  22. The only person at fault here is the prick lying on the ground.

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