1. I read my books, do a round every 27 minutes, and give inmates their meals. Unless a fight or something happens, not much is going on other than my book reading. The inmates know to wait til I'm doing my round to ask for shit. I'm not jumping and running every two minutes for nonsense, so my shifts are fairly easy going.

  2. Are you just supposed to say no then every time ask you for stuff

  3. No. They yell up for something, I tell them I'll bring it on my next round. If they don't want to yell down for it, they can wait until my round to tell me.

  4. Thank you for your submission to

  5. You matter, and I love you. Whatever is going on, it's not the end. You can get through it, and you will get through it. I hope you see this.

  6. Lost my best friend in 2004 to it. I still visit his grave twice a year and likely will never truly heal from it. Still miss him. Bro Hymn by Pennywise hits me hard

  7. Montreal, 2019, couple thousand people singing bro hymn in the subway tunnels after a huge festival. One of the coolest things I’ve witnessed.

  8. Absolutely not. I have no problem banning these idiots and I know the mod team doesn't have an issue with it either.

  9. Run. Start by running 30 minutes a day. You can lift too if you want to be stronger but cardio will be your savior because the fitness test could kick your ass if you can't get your ass movin. Once you're hired get as fat and lazy as you want.

  10. Second half is the truest thing that'll you'll ever read here. The trick is to leave work at work. When I leave work, the place doesn't exist until I'm getting ready to go back. While I'm at work, I have the luxury of reading in our facility so I do that as a temp escape while I'm there.

  11. That’s the undertaker before his final Wrestlemania appearance.

  12. I'm locking the comments as it's just turning into both sides reporting each other despite none of the comments breaking any rules.

  13. SS: Currently no information on the condition of the people stabbed, but according to the article, at least two of the victims were adults. I'll update when more information is available. Suspect is confirmed to be a student at the school.

  14. Don’t make excuses just tip your damn delivery guy. You don’t like it then go out and get the food yourself. So many people don’t tip because the order was expensive already, THEN DONT ORDER OUT, especially when $5 has you indignant

  15. Don’t make excuses, just pay your damn employees for the job you hired them to do. You don’t like it? Then don’t hire people to do a job. So many people don’t pay their employees because dumbass takes like this encourage it and attempt to justify it. DONT HIRE PEOPLE, especially when you don’t intend on paying them.

  16. When they start acting out, just take the high ground. Walk away, and show them you’re not going to entertain the bullshit.

  17. You’re not going to wear them all. Find a few scents you like, and save your money.

  18. By Wednesday, we’ll already have forgotten about this. He’s not gonna be arrested. Formally charged with something, maybe, but no arrests.

  19. Wait, am I getting downvoted for saying we shouldn’t call them evil? Or am I getting downvoted by mass killer fans who are mad that I’m calling them douche bags?

  20. You're getting downvoted because this is a discussion based community, and the userbase is expected to participate in a civil and mature manner. Resorting to high school insults towards mass killers accomplishes nothing and offers nothing to the discussion.

  21. I’m going to guess the sirens are what made him start filming.

  22. How fucked up is the US that a genuine reaction to a shooting is “Awwhhh come on!”

  23. If I, a moderator, were to be investigated, they would find that I work in law enforcement and have submitted numerous reports to the FBI regarding suspicious accounts using my real name and contact information.

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