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  1. The US has no official language at the federal level lol

  2. He didn't save anything due to the shooter touching the ball off of the post, then it was an indirect kick for the keepers team.

  3. A good 10/15 years ago a homeless guy asked me for cash, I don't him I didn't carry any cash. As he walked away he yelled, "Fucking debit cards!"

  4. About a year ago i went to a Halloween store, dude in wheelchair was sitting right by the door asking for money, i told him i didn't have cash, as i proceed to open the door he pulls out a phone and said "I'll take cashapp" i froze in disbelief, looked at him in his eyes to see if he was serious and sure enough he pulls up his cashapp code, i ignored it and walked inside

  5. Oh man, I lived in Houston for over 20 years, and let me tell you, Houstonians are the worst drivers of ALL!!!

  6. Want to make the next exit from the far left lane at 4pm on 610? Screw it!! Balls to the walls!!! (Amazingly I saw this guy pull it off!!) 😆

  7. Yeah you can forget making that exit lol dangerous af lol

  8. I would be mad if i paid for tickets to the fight

  9. I guess that was the 8 year old mentioned in the article. His grandmother died and he is still in critical condition

  10. I went to article and i didn't see the "read more" i hate those things

  11. There is NOTHING insane about a hail mary, everyone knows that play has been broken since day 1

  12. He doesn’t make the matches why would he make that match? he doesn’t make the matches

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