Perfectionist electrician

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  1. Def not a electrician He’s not leaving his shit everywhere for other trades to deal with

  2. As a builder,/ GC for almost 30 years I'm still chuckling. Left side looks like low voltage controller maybe. Elevator shaft? Right side in floor plugs? Never have seen it like that tho

  3. I think you’re right it’s a elevator shaft Maybe a big custom house or something

  4. Maybe bank. Lobby area?? Only prob is the installers safety gear, not very commercial tradesman look.

  5. Really grabbing at straws. Who is the biggest short? Stock master Jay? He’s going to get liquidated. Very soon

  6. 9/10 his shit is like “The rabbit enters the pond when the ducks have flown” tho. This one is straight forward which is refreshing

  7. I don't like politics here. But , just so you know, I wouldn't vote for DeSatantos now regardless of who runs

  8. Nobody knows what’s going to happen that’s why the share price is in limbo at the moment. Absolutely nobody not even gay master Jay !!!

  9. Exactly, this let me invest in your income and benefits package is way out of hand

  10. Didn't they kill a guy in Singapore? The otters

  11. Wait, you can stay at home and buy them via phone nowadays?

  12. It's relentless....the voices tell me buy tickets

  13. Post your positions oh Stock master. For my birthday ok. How bad is it

  14. I've never seen them in the same room together

  15. Apparently the artist doesn't know how toxic rocket exhaust is. That ape is dead.

  16. Can't kill an Ape, they exist on spirit and crayons

  17. Doesn't complete volume of ice cap above sea level overlaid on existing surface area of liquid bodies of water calculate into reasonable rise? Water levels out fairly quickly. There are many reservoirs in the west that also need replenishment post desalination

  18. It was supposed to be under water 15 years ago according to some experts

  19. Post your op-ed, cite some sources . It's readily accessible

  20. That's it? She championed 5he community college drop out. I see the source of your loyalty. Best of luck

  21. How long does it take staff to wipe up a spill

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