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  • By - Zixzs

  1. The Sith were deviously clever, criminal masterminds, slow, methodical, and extremely competent. Palpatine would have you thrown out the airlock if he heard you compare BoJo to a Sith - the comparison is insulting (for the Sith).

  2. Reminded me of like "evil companies" and then compares Nestle with EA lmao

  3. This person's "evil company" starter pack includes Nestle, Equifax, Monsanto, and Bethesda, which committed the egregious crime of making a bad game once (Fallout 76) and is totally on par with extorting people out of their natural resources, food, water, and/or money.

  4. 2000 hours combined in just the PC versions of Skyrim and Fallout 4 says otherwise but to each their own.

  5. Unless he’s not collectible. You can’t get water out of a stone.

  6. Or unless he arrests or shoots you and sprinkles some crack on your corpse because he's a cop.

  7. I agree but if and only if the situation did not involve any kind of force, intentional intoxication, etc. If you drug someone or knowingly coerce them into drinking too much and then get drunk yourself, you should still be convicted of rape. Similarly if you forced someone into sex, like actively push someone down or make it difficult to leave, then that should still be rape even if you were also intoxicated. But if both parties were equally intoxicated and both "gave consent" at the time but regretted it later, that's not rape.

  8. I'm kinda the same with the sequels. Like, I absolutely hated TLJ. Worst Star Wars movie for me, no questions asked. But it had it's awesome moments where just the visuals were fucking impressive.

  9. For me the overall theme of TLJ was fantastic. I'm in the relative minority that enjoyed it and wish more time had been given to it's plot rather than whatever the fuck Abrams was going for. The most interesting part of the Star Wars series outside of the Original Trilogy, for me, has been the struggle between the Light and Dark Side of the Force and what striking a "balance" really means. Ahsoka, for example, becoming a Grey Jedi is what makes her one of my favorite characters, how she saw the failures of both the Jedi and the Sith and learned from them both. Rian touches on that a lot, especially in the awesome scene with Yoda and the Burning Tree.

  10. Careful not to choke on your stupidity. It's Ahsoka not Ashoka!

  11. “Birth begins at conception” um you might want to try that again

  12. After that John Oliver special about the nitty gritty of pro-wrestling, I am not surprised. It seems fans are increasingly aware of how much their idols sacrifice for their entertainment and that kind of empathy tends to evoke a similar response in other facets of life. Ironic considering the sport is literally about smashing chairs over people's heads.

  13. Him and snoop just released a song. He rhymes californi with Long Beach

  14. Why is it that every time I make a joke about something absurd lately, that exact thing happens or has happened? What is the world coming to???

  15. Well, the one good thing we've done that I feel proud of as someone born in New York is that when half the country decided it wanted to secede for the purpose of continuing the brutal subjugation of their fellow humans, we burned that half of the country to the fucking ground. And it wasn't just the army - the Underground Railroad helped ferry runaway slaves across the border into free land, and the Union could not have held on for as long as it did without the support of the citizens on the homefront in ending the abomination of slavery.

  16. Yeah a 10% difference in demographic makeup is actually highly substantial, that's enough to wipe out all or most representation for certain minority groups.

  17. Okay, so that explains why the USA flag had such little neg response; if primarily white and primarily older folks.

  18. Don't know how this isn't seen as genital mutilation. It's wrong as the baby's genitalia is being permanently altered without their consent. It's a ridiculous procedure.

  19. The main concern is that usually there are no significant long-term negative effects for the procedure and it's a legitimate medical procedure that may occasionally be necessary. Severe infections of the foreskin that require its removal are fairly common in some underdeveloped countries. The main issue is that a child can't consent so the procedure should not be conducted unless it is medically necessary.

  20. I'm not getting into a semantics argument about this or debating the science on it, because both are very mixed and we're agreeing on the outcome of that argument anyway. Your time would be better spent convincing someone that thinks it shouldn't be illegal to perform unnecessarily before 18.

  21. People who get hung up on terminology like this are doing so in order to avoid addressing the actual argument. They have no counterargument so they attack you with semantics instead.

  22. I've tried to explain this to my mother. Salt isn't just for seasoning, it helps draw out moisture, which is useful in a bunch of different contexts.

  23. A lot of people don't get this, hell I didn't even understand it until just recently because of how we are taught about sexual attraction growing up.

  24. Thank you for this, helps clear a lot! P. S. New to this, recently discovered or actually accepted I am on the spectrum between greysexual and ace.

  25. Yeah that's pretty much exactly where I am! Glad it was of help. I spent so many years being like "I'm horny all the time why don't I like or want sex" and then it kind of hit me that maybe I just don't like it or have any actual desire to engage in it lmao. There was

  26. I don't know. I, also, like to consider strategic editing but even from the start of the video we're seeing (OP links the original in another comment) she is turned away from him while he has a grip on her shirt. She wasn't showing any active signs of aggression (other than what looks to maybe be an attempt at a swat to the head) when he two hand pushes her into the direction of a pillar that she was lucky she didn't crack her head on the corner of.

  27. I was even going to say that she looked like she was expressly trying to deescalate until he came back after her a second time after initially throwing her.

  28. America coming out. For some Americans, today is the last day that they will have two hands.

  29. For some this is the last day they'll spend in their neighborhood. Always some moron starting a forest or brush fire and with the dry conditions many areas are experiencing it's a recipe for disaster.

  30. Some poor underpaid animator poured their heart and soul into this extremely out of touch ad and it's honestly astounding.

  31. Judging by your username, I'm gonna guess it's beer cheese.

  32. I mean technically “most” students don’t go to the games lol. The student section holds like 10k with a student population of 30k (even though we have better student turn out than most places). But for people that go it really depends and varies year to year. Getting your own season tickets guarantees you every home game and means you don’t have to buy scalped tickets for really big games.

  33. TBH I can't think of many stories that are religiously accurate even outside Christianity. Like even anime basically abridges Shintoism for plot conveniences

  34. I've got news for you - real life Christianity isn't religiously accurate anymore either. The word "abortion" isn't anywhere in the Bible and yet here we are with religious fanatics trying to ban it in the United States claiming it's a "religious" issue. Not to mention the whole "don't pray in public" thing (re: Supreme Court ruling it's legal to coerce students into public prayer), the "love thy neighbor as thyself" bit, etc etc.

  35. I mean BL does get a lot of flack for being dominated by women, often unfairly imo for how diverse the categorization is and how anonymous a lot of the prominent creators are. Controversially, Heartstopper writer Alice Oseman called out BL and yaoi for fetishizing, effectively putting her work on a pedestal for not being that, even though Heartstopper would definitely be BL if it was written by a Japanese mangaka instead of a British author.

  36. Boyfriends. is also written by a queer artist, IIRC, who includes diverse representation and has previously donated some of their earnings from the series to LGBTQ+ charities.

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