1. I saw this at tj maxx Marshalls

  2. Biossance is good, but why that one in particular? There’s other good cleansers too

  3. Lauren hasn’t said a word about those people in what almost 20 years? They keep talking about her every few months for like 20 years. Crazy.

  4. Wait isn’t he homeless? What makes him the authority on any of this?

  5. London is an amazing base for traveling though. She could explore all of Europe really cheaply. Instead she’s moving to the suburbs as a 29 year old single woman without kids. Make it make sense.

  6. Someone else said she won’t make as much influencing in Europe because all the discount codes are American companies

  7. 1.1 and 1.15…respectively. But you know teetee will be selecting/customizing every upgrade they offer along the way. Her taste is no where near vanilla builder.

  8. Does that price include the house price? Or that’s just the lot price?

  9. North oc to Burbank is two hours one way on weekdays. 4 hours total a day.

  10. I used to like it, but too much stuff now. Donate to project beauty share!

  11. forever grateful I was able to meet my idol for his book signing 1 month prior and it was an experience I’ll never forget

  12. I had a bad experience with a manager. It’s really terrible because I would never buy at that location again. They just lost a lifetime customer. And they don’t even care since they have millions of customers

  13. If it’s one buck, I’ll buy it lol

  14. I used it for years lol no problem! I think it’s ok

  15. Oh I’ve seen this before in another company

  16. There’s another skincare company called kinship that’s fairly established. Their packaging is very similar. Did she copy it?

  17. Outside of the headliners, this is an incredibly weak lineup.

  18. Selfless is at tj maxx now. Item Beauty I thought was doing well. Their lip quip seemed popular. Quality wasn’t bad

  19. Definitely agree, I’m learning Spanish through the free Mango language app via OCPL.

  20. Donate to project beauty share!

  21. Vietnam veterans of america will pick up free from your house

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