1. As we saw last night the defense can be worked on but we have no one who can reliably make a wide open 3. We are lucky to be near 500

  2. Shame that grimes can’t shoot he does everything else well

  3. Take RJ outta this game for almost anyone and we're up by 15

  4. It is great that people love these films and I believe that to be true but the way the list is conducted doesn't seem to work anymore. It is billed as the definitive greatest films list and you can't say Jeanne Dielman is an acceptable #1 greatest film or that Get Out is better than Raging Bull, The Godfather 2, or Lawrence of Arabia

  5. I personally didn't mind the goofy scenes in the searchers. My biggest problem with the film was that the relationship between Wayne's and Hunter's characters was not well developed during their quest. Like Wayne and Hunter are searching for the niece for five years and it feels like it has just been a week. It never feels like these characters have eaten, slept, fought together for five years. This kinda of ruins the adventure/ journey aspect of the film in my eyes.

  6. I agree with this. Perhaps in a perfect world some of the goofy scenes could have been replaced with ones that focused on the relationship dynamics between Ethan and Martin.

  7. I think the whole concept of "Masterpiece" as some kind of high standard in film criticism is lame and dull, when the quality of a film is measured in categories (is the acting good, is the editing good etc.).

  8. I agree completely on your last point and that is why I absolutely love all of the films I mentioned. However, pacing is important to me and I can't help thinking how amazing these films could have been with some editing and with some different decisions made. My all time favorite movies have great pacing with buildup and the feeling that every single scene matters and contributes to the whole.

  9. We are definitely a lower level team than most of us thought going into the season. We have had a generally easy schedule so far considering that many of the better teams we have played were missing some of their best players. Looking at the knicks this season they don't shoot well, don't have cohesion to their offense and clearly don't defend well (which is the surprising factor). Our best player may not be a top 50 player in the league. They have more wins than they should actually

  10. I am very anti tank, always have been but I think it might be time to think about it unless we're gonna make a major trade. Thibs time may be coming too

  11. Put in Mcbride and Sims maybe they will play like they want to be there

  12. After the list came out I watched Beau Travail and Jeanne Dielman. I enjoyed Beau Travail a lot, it was very simple but also hypnotic and the ending was fantastic. There is a great amount of subtlety and interesting examination of masculinity but it is hard for me to understand why it deserves to be in the top 10. It's definitely not a film that really influenced culture or was groundbreaking in any way.

  13. Looks great but I hate the slowed down theme

  14. Huge difference, there was only a second on the clock. Last night the knicks had plenty of time to get a good look

  15. Just a very bad shot. I don't think I've seen RJ make a contested shot like this (at least not this season) so not the best time to try

  16. Get out on the list and Raging Bull is not!

  17. Don’t forget to check out the Directors poll as well.

  18. Feels like just one all year, three at the most.

  19. Well RJ has maybe had 3 all year, If Rj is one of the 3?

  20. Played a very good game against a great team. Rj had a pretty good game but that final shot was really poor decision.

  21. People really bad at RJ taking the shot when Brunson and Randle are shooting 30% today? RJ is the only guy who has made more than 1 3 for us today.

  22. It was a bad shot in that spot, not because he took it.

  23. Trade him but honestly would prefer to trade RJ if we could

  24. They finally figured out how to get Knox to play good defense. Have him guard RJ

  25. Grimes may not be a star but he's the dude I want on the floor as long as possible. No wasted movements. Always the right plays.

  26. We are very lucky to be 9-11 with the worst 3 pt shooting team in the league. Don't expect much more until we trade for or draft some outside shooters. It's not 1996 anymore

  27. Felt like the game turned when Grimes sat and Morant took over. He guarded Morant better than anyone, but Thibs elected to sit him when it should have been RJ who sat. RJ is nowhere near earning the right to be on the floor, closing every game. Grimes was making smart passes, good defense, and he’s an unselfish player on a team that has a lot of players who want the ball. He’s a much better fit with Brunson and Randle to close out games. And of course less threes from RJ would be nice. I think if you took out the three, he would have been 7-12 from the field. Great 4th quarter from Cam. His confidence is building. I know we lost, but I think we’re finding something with the Randle, Cam, Mitch, Grimes, Brunson package. I don’t really care who starts, but those five should be closing out games going forward. Tough loss, but I remain hopeful. Brunson is looking like our best free agent signing since…. I can’t remember it’s been a long time. Allan Houston?

  28. We just could not stop Morant in the 4th quarter. Really don't understand why Grimes wasn't in.

  29. Good game bad 3 pt shooting but overall can't complain. Reddish was excellent. Totally should have had Grimes in to guard Morant at the end though

  30. Wow RJ fucks up with the game on the line. Big surprise

  31. Bring in GRimes and MCbride for defense after free throws

  32. Biggest problem with RJ Barrett may be his defense. He is ranked last in the league in defensive RAPTOR rating and the knicks are giving 17 more points with him on the floor! Teams are starting to get the ball to whoever RJ is guarding and that player is breaking down the defense with ease leading to a ton of open 3s.

  33. Like what? He has 3 starters (Brunson, RJ and Randle) that all play the same way, they like to get inside and their shot from outside isn't fast enough or deadly enough to scare anyone. It's why for years they've said LeBron needs shooters around him to succeed, and he's LeBron. They're all mediocre or worse defenders as well. Brunson thankfully is a smarter player that knows when to pass whereas the other two don't - and he can finish at the rim. And then he has a center that can't leave the paint on offense so it's clogged in there.

  34. All true but there is no reason someone shooting 6-22 should play more than 40 minutes in a close game

  35. How about him being your first drafted player to sign an extension since Charlie Ward?

  36. I think it’s funny how this sub absolutely hates RJ, meanwhile the Giants sub had someone break down Daniel Jones’ shitty 4th down throw to Saquon like it was the Zapruder film to try and prove that it wasn’t his fault (it was)

  37. Daniel Jones has played great and led the giants to several wins with excellent drives. RJ has lost us several games and has done very little positive

  38. This sub needs player specific mega threads or whatever you wanna call them. Permanent posts/threads where people can go to either praise or scold certain guys.

  39. The team is losing multiple games due to one player. It's gonna be discussed a lot.

  40. Nope Cam's defense has been very good this year. Miles better than RJ, Fournier or Brunsons

  41. If this is not the starting lineup when Reddish comes back than THibs should probably be fired. It makes too much sense on both offense and defense. Only other lineup I would accept is if we put IQ with Grimes or Reddish

  42. I'm sorry I have to disagree. RJ has been given more opportunity than most upper echelon NBA players. If anything we are failing by not developing Quickley, Grimes, Reddish and Topping enough

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