1. I will choose to believe flayon goes commando until he says otherwise

  2. Minimizing downtime and maximizing loot. If you're in trade it's better to undersell an item than have it sit in your stash forever. Unless you're a dedicated trader/flipper the hideout is lava. Always be doing something

  3. Every class can be the easiest and hardest depending on what your build is, it's mostly about efficiency and how rough you want your time in acts to be.

  4. Easily swapping blessings would come at the cost of making them much weaker. I agree that the grind is a bit much rn but that's partially due to there not being much aspirational content that makes the grind multipurpose

  5. Giant idols are probably too far but I think it could be reasonable to scale them up 1.5-2x and it wouldn't ruin the immersion if done right

  6. I think a different approach could be to add a node in monoliths that let's you reroll the range on your current blessing but when you complete the boss it can't offer you one you currently have equipped. Alternatively you could choose a blessing you have found (and taken) before but it will always be minimum rolled if you choose it with this system forcing you to find the reroll nodes if you want to improve them

  7. The only mods I use are the 3x effect of spiribird mod and the dps tracker and have had no issues in MP.

  8. Xp tomes scale based on your level not the zone so just keep running high level stuff and you should be maximizing your xp

  9. Once it comes online it's amazing, leveling primalist can be a pain tho

  10. Playing druid and i've noticed none of these in your comment nor the OPs post as of yet. I'm sure they're happening but weird to say i've seen none.

  11. I'll occasionally lose my transform ability and all my other skills move over. It happens most consistently when I'm transformed changing zones

  12. I only care about trading with friends and since the resonance system does exactly that CoF seems like a no brainer

  13. None of these appeal to me but I'm glad they're being more creative with it

  14. This is why I love small private leagues, I'm not patient enough for full on SSF but with 10 other people we can all focus on things we enjoy and share the wealth so everyone can have a cool build

  15. I like this approach a lot, I would have been happy with just the resonance system but ya'll went above and beyond

  16. This post is exactly how I feel about trade, not all of my friends can play at the same time so it feels bad to get a drop when they aren't there then be unable to give it to them. I agree with the majority that open trade would probably be a negative but I do feel that the current gifting system is 1 or 2 steps too limited

  17. While I do want trade I only want it for friends, been playing a private league in poe with a community for the last couple years and it's so much more enjoyable than open trade. I don't know how much you would need to limit friends/guilds with caps and cooldowns to make it reasonable but that would be my ideal outcome

  18. This map was made by a player with the intention of being as annoying as possible. As I recall he even wanted the boss to have health regen so yes and no

  19. Ina, the cookie master, has spoken and I choose to believe her. Kinoko for life

  20. I try to get defiance 5 instead or recovery up and fortify but otherwise you hit the nail on the head

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