1. What is SMT I keep seeing it in posts

  2. Shin Megami Tensei. It's a video game series that's been going on for years now. Most people on this sub believe that it includes many, many outerversal characters, though there are those that point out the anti feats and will tell you that it's only building level. It really depends on how you interpret and scale it.

  3. Well if the verse is only building level record Zeus negs the verse

  4. Personally, I would not scale the verse that low but I'm gonna remain impartial here and just let people give their own scaling/responses.

  5. "Now you're just putting words in my mouth"

  6. This just sounds like an opinion on their part. The second statement even includes the statement "More likely" meaning its just their speculation. Could it be valid? Who knows since the original source just says that they are equal and doesn't bother clarifying since there's no need to. Even if you want to compare power levels, by the time that was written, Gogeta is shown to be the superior fusion anyway, so that argument doesn't help you.

  7. It's an opinion because even Herms, a trustworthy source on Dragon Ball content, states that the scan blatantly tells you that Gogeta = Vegito.

  8. Nirn appears like a finite planet which is contrast to the rest of the planets which are truly infinite in size. However, nirn is in fact a higher dimensional construct which mortals cannot perceive so it appears finite.

  9. Not to mention It having a top and bottom doesn’t mean a branch can’t extend infinitely to the side

  10. Source that says the branches extend infinitely to the side? Otherwise your statement is a big stretch no pun intended. The tree was only stated to be infinite going from top to bottom, but this has been disproved by Ragnarok.

  11. He originates from Kajiri Kamui Kagura which Is a visual novel, essentially a book (comic?) In videogame format, some people disagree with labeling It as one but i don't. I don't know much about Elder Scrolls cosmology so i couldn't really tell you about that.


  13. Kratos has no infinite speed and universe level lmao

  14. Just a small correction, but infinite speed is not existing everywhere at once. That is being omnipresent, which Kratos is not.

  15. Kratos actually washes. I know they're will be people who disagree with what I'm about to say and the points I'm going to show, but Kratos, through LORE and other SUPPLEMENTARY MEDIA, reaches universal+ with infinite speed.

  16. His soul snare mist only isolates and traps the souls, we see in game that he has to swoop down and devour each individual soul. Im also gonna need a source for the mist stretching the entirety of the realm.

  17. If jubal is outversal how is he capable of dieing. I thought that being above concepts was like a requirement

  18. Yes, he is above concepts and most divine beings by virtue of having achieved CHIM. CHIM allows its users to understand that everything is just fiction, a dream conjured by the godhead, yet they still retain their identity and self. They return to the state generated by the first interaction between Anu and Padomay and surpass the structures of the Aurbis Wheel entirely, which should include the infinite layers of wheels within wheels.

  19. Im still a little lost how is he beyond concepts if he can die is nt that contradictory to the requirements

  20. Who says that Jubal can die in the first place though? And even then, death is not contradictory to the requirements. You can be outerversal and still lose or die. Literally thats how most people in SMT become outer, which is by killing someone who is above the concepts of time, space, and dimensions. So even if Jubal could die, it wouldn't contradict anything or stop him from being outer.

  21. Would it only be low complex or complex? Sorry I'm just trying to get a better understanding for dimensional scaling

  22. It'd be just complex, not low. Low is from infinite 5D to 6D. Regular complex is from 7D to 9D. Then 10D to 12D is high complex

  23. Hey i don't understand it either but.. no.. I'm dropping braincells just from thinking about this.

  24. Agreed. We don't even know if the world tree shaking and splintering part is even accurate anymore since nobody brings it up after the feat occurs, so we can't even solidly say it's uni+ or multi. For the immeasurable stuff, I guess you could say the snake was sent back in time through immeasurable speed, but it does not have or can move normally at this speed by itself if that makes sense.

  25. To be fair, it's hard to say. For the feat to be a low multi feat (which most people agreed that it was based on Mimir's description of what happened to the tree), the world tree would have to be splintered and shake violently. However, we get no mention of that happening after the feat occurs, so we don't know if Mimir was exaggerating with the fable or if we just have to assume the tree shook without it being told to us. So for now, I consider it an outlier or at least, possibly low multi if we are to believe Mimir's tale.

  26. You do know the poc scans are fake right? The 9D one and the Pluto speed one. I'd actually say kratos has more hax than Dante.

  27. Care to explain how they're fake? They're literally direct translations from the Poc game. There's no reason for them to not be valid.

  28. I don’t have disagreements I don’t scale Dante. I just know him, he knows more about Dmc so that’s why I tagged him.

  29. Round 1: Hajun should take this. Both are high 1A but he scales further into it than Featherine along with all his hax.

  30. Goku washes. He has actual concrete low multiversal to possibly multiversal showings, and immensely superior speed feats. Add ultra instinct to the mix, and Mori cannot hope to beat Goku.

  31. Lmao stop it. Goku has NO speed feats above Mori. He's outscaled and out-haxed here badly. He dies.

  32. Prove how exactly Goku is outscaled with scans and evidence. I'll give you that he is probably outhaxed, but Goku can just overpower that hax if he is stronger since that's how it works for Dragon Ball characters.

  33. Pelinal himself is also Shezzarin ( in fact, he is the first character have been said is Shezzarin).

  34. I'm curious. I've always thought about it this way but are the Songs of Pelinal meant to be taken as fact? I assume that they are but I remember asking this question on the teslore subreddit and basically I was told that despite some parts of the songs being true (Umaril, Pelinals hatred for elves, etc.), not all of them are meant to be taken at face value. What do you make of this?

  35. How much higher would the overvoid scale? Just curious as I thought both sithis and the overvoid are high 1A

  36. It seems you have sent me a message, but it is not displayed. It was something like about Anu and CHIM.

  37. You sure it was me? I did mention that Anu is boundless as he trancends CHIM, a high 1A state, and as far as I know, my posts show up. Did it say my username or another's?

  38. STRUGGLING SEVERALTRIES SORRY ITS either you’re stupid or you haven’t played the game I’m sorry ??? Have you not seen when kratos is struggle kratos vs Thor was a struggle 😭😭 wtf you make it seem like he was been out paced heimdal as a character was that he can see the future and control time and it took kratos 2 tries to really get a hang of him than he got low diff. And than kartos wasnt trying not to kill him are u ok??, bruh fight here

  39. How are you going to apologize at the very end for being rude when this whole time you've just been slinging insults at me instead of just providing the facts 🤣

  40. Sigh here we go you can take the apology how you want to. 1. Characters fighting and send characters traveling back in time would count as immeasurable speed. Neither was i arguing immeasurable speed just saying verse has impressive feats but sure. He’s not all outpacing he quite literally know what’s happens and kratos is holding back to say you’re struggle when you’re not even fully trying is laughable even Kratos holding back was low diffing him You now making it seems like you agreed with infinite speed lol when you were clowning it???

  41. Oma has a complete arsenal, at least for his verse, and can destroy an infinite number of universes alongside having the power to make new ones

  42. I'm honestly just happy there's another low complex verse that can beat Archie Sonic. Not that there aren't a multitude of them already, but people would never think Kamen Rider out of all series would be this powerful lol

  43. I still don’t know who to believe since someone else just said multi continental

  44. He has no good anti feats. If he canonically scales to the primordials, titans, and gods who consistently have Uni + low multi feats. Then I’d say he is consistently low multi. Unless you want to say dumb shit like the titans being only mountain level. Or Uranus being street tier( literally the whole universe came from him being punched in the face). So what “street tier” Kratos can match and defeat someone above a guy who created the whole universe from being punched in the face? These guys downplaying the series don’t use logic.

  45. I was mostly referring to the anti feats from the recent GOW4 novels. I am aware of the fact that from 1-3, the in-game feats are backed up by complimentary media. But for God of war 4, most of the comics and novels show Kratos being affected by mundane things that would previously be a non issue for his Greece era self.

  46. Yeah I’m seeing a lot more people saying he’s low multi but they won’t give me any proof and just say go to vs battle wiki

  47. Nice joke bro. Do you even understand what outerversal even means? Do some research instead of flinging that term around.

  48. Low multi through scaling to the splintering of the world tree feat from Thor, which theoretically affected 9 infinite realms. Thus, low multi. Also, because it didn't affect the tree and the realms in a major way, you can't concretely say Kratos or even Thor and Jormungander are multiversal as you would need to damage and affect tree as a whole and several of or the entirety of the Nine Realms

  49. Specifically the Heroes version of angels, who should scale considerably higher than most characters in the verse. Regular angels are at most low multiversal so they would lose against Archie Super forms.

  50. Wrong. Super Sonic was fighting a weakened and drained Enerjak. Sonic attacked him when he was headed back to the master emerald to recharge. Dark Enerjak said himself he triumphed over Super Sonic and is what would happen if Sonic fought a prime Enerjak

  51. Ah my bad. So based on all this, does this mean Death Battle got some of their scaling wrong? Cuz they scaled Super Silver to Super Sonic when he fought enerjak and his SGW feat in the worlds collide event (conveniently ignoring the fact that chaos control has its limits in worlds unite) and they just assumed Silver has more control over chaos energy than Sonic. Granted, they did say that death battle could go either way but they pretty much banked on the idea that the Archie cosmology is bigger than heroes

  52. if you count the version of KLK if (that if it is canon, death battle said that it was not because there was no official answer that it was or was not canon)then she is multiversal to possibly high hyperversal,because in the game,she is able to fight satsuki junketsu,who is able to hurt the primordial life fiber,

  53. Hyperversal is a biiggggg reach. In the very scans you sent there is a) no mention of infinte timelines and dimensions and b) that baby like creature specifically states that the thing was absorbing fibers from OTHER dimensions and timelines different from their own. There is, once, again no mention of infinite timelines or dimensions, only that there is an unknown amount of other dimensions, but definitely not infinite. Therefore, hyper would be wank. This seems to qualify for universal+ at least.

  54. Literally lol also you said atleast moon lvl so does/can she be scaled higher than moon lvl?

  55. Kamen Rider definitely takes it. Way too many OP hax at their disposal and the verse scales very high by the Decade and Oma Zi-O series (complex multi). Even Oma by himself could take on the Power Rangers verse and stomp. The only character that feasibly stands a chance is comics lord drakkon, as he is low complex as well, but he lacks the hax necessary to compete with Oma and there's now way he's getting past the acasuality and godly regen in Kamen Rider.

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