1. If I saw that tattoo I would infer that you used to cut yourself on your wrists (whether true or not). Your patients and co workers will too. BUT I 100% get wanting that tattoo if it’s important to you. A thought I’d you could get it on your non dominant hand and cover it with a watch. You could also go for a bracelet design with the psi symbol and then it’s more art and less an overt symbol of you having overcome self harm. But you do you

  2. You gotta live your life. I wouldn't make decisions on your personal appearance based on how others will perceive you. In the words of a former co resident I very highly respect when I asked him "what about your patients?" When I learned about his risqué online presence: " Then they'll know they have a cool psychiatrist."

  3. I’ve been suffering from Ryanaud’s for years and it seems like my hands and feet can never stay warm or it takes forever for me to become warm again. It’s exhausting!

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think I would like their fleece vest as it seems the least bulky and would be easy to pair with whatever else I need to wear.

  5. I will second this. I have an Ororo heated vest that I wear basically year around. I just ordered their heated gloves and heated jacket this week. I ordered the glove liners because I still need to be able to use my fingers. The little battery sits in a pocket on the wrist of the glove (like a cuff). Still deciding if it gets in the way of my watch. The heating element for the gloves is on the back of your hand and run along the back of your fingers.


  7. I'm renting, the owners never come to replace the HVAC filter. I climbed in attic and found no filter, been using it for 2 years like this.

  8. Projecting increases in reach with the ring, not sure how it scales with the upgrades

  9. Thanks! I wish the best to you, too. I still love a lot of things about the church and the people in it, and I'm glad it's still a good spiritual home for you.

  10. Great response! Thanks for being a good example of a tolerant post mornon

  11. I was an extremely devout Mormon (giant multigenerational Mormon family, two-year mission, church university, married young in the Mormon temple, the whole package) and medical school has contributed to my stepping away from church. There were other factors too. Traumatic death in the family, time away from church due to covid, etc. But learning about all the molecular details that make life possible, and especially the things that go randomly and devestatingly wrong, has made it much harder to see any room for a creator. The faith transition has made med school harder too, since Mormon communities tend to be quite insular. I no longer connect well with Mormons, but at the same time I can barely relate to everyone else who didn't grow up shunning coffee, PG-13 movies, boxer-briefs, and the word "damn." It's especially hard since my family still doesn't know the extent of my heathenism. Their inevitable heartbreak when they find out hangs over me every day (since my leaving the Mormon church pretty much guarantees I'm ruining heaven for the rest of them).

  12. Sounds like you and I have been through many similar experiences haha. Leaving the Mormon church while living in the middle of nowhere during med school sucks. Totally worth the freedom of thought.

  13. Adult outpatient, 35 patient contact hours per week aka 7 hours of patients, 1 hour of admin 5 days per week.

  14. Vegeta and Goku are fighting at speeds faster than your graphics card can render. Boost your GPU into super Saiyan mode and you should be able to see them easier. Over 9000 fps should be enough

  15. I used an 11 inch pro during 1st and 2nd year, I loved it. Felt a little big to walk around the hospital with during my 3rd year, so I got a mini and I love it's size. Not quite as premium but super portable

  16. I'm sorry you're going through this, and your feelings are totally valid. Do what is best for you.

  17. I've had a similiar difficulty choosing between the two, and still kinda do. But what really makes both fields different from each other and how that difference plays out in context of who I am/want to be as a physician and what I really want out of medicine is a lot more clearer.

  18. You're not alone in this, thank you for reaching out. I'm sorry it has been so hard. The Mormon religion was very foundational in my life and a lot of other ideas about the world stemmed from it. My path from the church was fairly gradual, but I think it would have been an extreme shock to learn it wasn't true while still being TBM.

  19. Thats rough man, I'm sorry that your wife doesn't want to try no contact. That was hard for my wife at first, but living in a different state made it easier. She would feel guilty for going no contact, but she recognizes that it has been an important step in maintaining her well-being. Maybe it's time to move to put some physical distance if you're still close to your in-laws physically and that will allow your wife a safer space to feel like she can go no contact or limited contact.

  20. I'm sorry you're going through this. As a comment said above, she is responsible for herself and you are responsible for you. A dynamic like this may or may not change in a long term relationship or after getting married, so if you're having trouble with it then it might be better to end the relationship so that your needs can be met.

  21. Good fun. I'm psych so it's ultra chill, I pursue my hobbies like crazy, hang out with friends (mostly non-medical) most days of the week, and run some businesses on the side for kicks. Might start a family soon. Life is sweet.

  22. You've only partially ruined it thus far, so if you don't do anything else to it you might be able to prevent fully ruining it.

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