1. Looks like trim not ground flower, I got some of their shake before and it didn't look like that. Hope you didn't pay much, at least it looks frosty.

  2. Looks like they tossed in the sticks for extra weight. I’d be pissed ngl

  3. Where did you order from? been thinking about this myself

  4. It really does seem very short sighted of them. I guess they are so big now they are happy to piss off a passionate fan base?!

  5. I think leadership is straight delusional, yeah

  6. Not mad at all about this being shared since I was thinking of posting it widely. Thank you for saving me that work (genuinely, I mean that).

  7. I'm sorry this happened to you, but you're now in a quickly growing club. Dynavap dropped off between 2019 and 2020; this is where the astroturfing by mods and gaslighting come in to play.

  8. Yeah - honestly, I got more fired up than I should have and it was largely due to that gaslighting you mentioned. People acting like my original feelings of disappointment / annoyance being invalid turned those feelings into bitterness and anger. I'm at peace with the fact that Dynavap isn't what it was. It'll be easy to not spend anymore with them - if I ever get tempted with VAS again, there's a whole secondary market and other makers that won't put money in Dynavap's pocket. Fuck em.

  9. People with thoughts or feelings about things 😂 🤣

  10. I just call them my little buddies, or the non-gendered colloquial "hey, guysssss"

  11. Prices 3 years into the medical program are still ridiculous and it’s like nobody listens to what the customers have to say even though we’re making them money while screaming that this doesn’t add up, and want better for our medical program. It’s SAD. Genuinely sad.

  12. Last time I went to gLeaf, the paint was peeling off of the walls in the waiting room. They also had metal folding chairs to sit on, not even a simple fabric chair like you’d see at the dentist’s office. It’s clear they don’t give a fuck about the patients

  13. It blows my mind how every other state who has legalized marijuana has somehow exploded with industry growth, but in Ohio, the cultivators are saying they "aren't making any money."

  14. Or come on down to ohio where the same product is twice the price

  15. I could not design a worse looking model if I tried

  16. The way this dude talks, he needs to be institutionalized. I fear for other members of society interacting with him.

  17. Common sense would tell you that much, yeah

  18. Are you familiar with the term “facetious”?

  19. He is a closeted maga grifter, as well

  20. Strong! It takes 20 minutes to come up, followed by a period of anxiety that lasts maybe 10 minutes. After that, I have a good 4-6 hour trip where I do nothing but listen to music, meditate and focus on my intentions and let my thoughts flow. Pure euphoria. I've never had visuals except maybe some fractals when I peak but that's all, even at higher doses. Colours are much brighter though.

  21. Thank you for sharing my dude, this is all really valuable info for me. Do you mind sharing how you consume - unground, ground, tea, lemon tek, etc? TY

  22. My favourite albums are your shit tier albums and the albums I occasionally forget exist are your top albums.

  23. This is why KGLW is so powerful There's something in their discography for everyone to see the beauty in

  24. I , for one, am tired, beyond belief, of these type of announcements.

  25. i'm not really sure what puts the tub more at risk regarding contam. standing water or regularly opening the lid to mist..? :| I'd keep the inner tub floating only during bulk colonization period tho. for FC i have to open the lid anyways, so misting can be done while venting, if necessary that is.

  26. Try it and report back. You never know

  27. I honestly think my ADHD has gotten to the best of me. Thank you for snapping me out of it. Seriously, I've been spending the past few hours away from the app thinking to myself," what have I done wrong?"

  28. No need to stress buddy, we're all learning :)

  29. Is this not just coir made from processed husk?

  30. IDK but you might have too many GE holes in your tub, especially if your substrate is too dry and you've been misting regularly. Try it with a new tub, you can put your GE holes in the lid/ upper dubtub if you insist on GE holes

  31. Just finished my first flush harvest. How should I prepare for the second flush? How do I dunk this cake? Worried it’ll fall apart?

  32. I float my cake as others have mentioned, 1 hour per inch of substrate, misting the SHIT out of the surface every so often. Additionally, I use a siphon down the corner of my box to drain every last drop of water out. After you drain it, give a mist of peroxide over the surface, and send her right back into fruiting.

  33. Holy shitballs! Still won’t pay what they’re charging personally

  34. ...Oh, look, another republican drafting legislation focusing on children's genitals.

  35. this is the most common theme I hear from self-acclaimed "republicans" - they're all endlessly fascinated by children's sexuality for some reason

  36. So this could just as easily be a way to save money by not curing and drying their weed?

  37. Also gets it to market faster, meaning less delay between turning crop into cash for buckeye

  38. this is the only thing that matters to them

  39. I don’t know if it’s the only thing, but I’m sure it is their #1 priority. That said I trust them over most other cultivators

  40. 1.23% raw THC is noteworthy. Too bad about not being medicated properly from it, but thank you for sharing!

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