1. Yeah maybe make a post on the dynavap reddit for people who bought them not to use it. Somebody's going to inhale glass and sue the f out of them! I think it's past the point of just saying "don't use induction heaters" I have stated in this thread I only used a torch. Its a dud, recall and go back to the drawing board before things get bad.

  2. They’re still pushing that sale

  3. It’s about to be their biggest flop yet. They need to look in this sub at what people actually want lol

  4. They are looking. They downvote opinions that don’t align with their marketing strategy. Bet.

  5. Man. Every new product they are coming out with had issues. Remember the duality lighters? How many of those did they have to replace as well. I'm checking out some of the competition and it's a lot better.

  6. Or the orion IHs that they made us purposely destroy during the recall

  7. where’s the obligatory “we are here for you” comment

  8. Triple chocolate chip, I went straight to sleep! Woke up and tried some Hell's Bells, felt like I was in a disco.

  9. Well these are made by vapingfans so it makes sense they're not very good quality. All their glass is terrible. I'm shocked DV is selling these especially after vapingfans is known to take makers ideas

  10. They go by price first, not quality, apparently

  11. Oh fuck, Dynavap crossed a line. I'm not inhaling glass, fuck this

  12. I literally just got mine, I used it like twice and the tooth broke off just like that. I can't even get the cap off after using it like I feel it I pull any harder I won't get it off. Each time I've used it (which is like 3 times) I can barley get it off...

  13. I've noticed this the last couple years, it's like their caps keep getting stuck in the tips when they NEVER used to do this

  14. Looks very nice! Bowling alley aesthetic? I'm jealous!

  15. My family and I just moved here too because it was one of the few places left that didn't seem completely batshit crazy that was also affordable.

  16. It’s affordable for a reason. you get what you pay for - except not even then, because the state GOP will embezzle most of it

  17. All cops are complicit. Treat is as you would any other organized crime group.

  18. “I understand empathy, but please don’t make noise or do anything about this perceived injustice so I can continue to make money as though nothing is happening.”

  19. The "I'm not a civil court" quip infuriates me. I hope they're shown the same empathy they show others

  20. I liked their zookies a lot their illudium makes my mouth and throat itch and makes mucous like crazy! still trying to finish it..

  21. 2, 6 and 7. Don't sleep on Martha, someones gotta cook after the sesh.

  22. This was my answer as well so count me in pls

  23. We could hypothetically make room for one more at this hypothetical event

  24. 3, or 8 would be the answer to that next question

  25. You clearly don't have a thorough enough understanding of science in general (let alone vapor pressure gradients) to be making the argument you think you're making. Get some industry experience kid

  26. Okay hahahaha you've been provided with sources that refute your remedial claims and you're still harping on about anecdotal evidence which is literally the lowest standard of proof lol

  27. I'm not arguing with you. I have a degree in this first of all, but secondly, and as many others have pointed out to you already, those two links fail to address your concerns in the way you think - you're only illustrating your misuse of a cursory knowledge (at best) of science.

  28. American mentality. I am ashamed of our country

  29. I can break down what really makes these special if you're interested. :) Typically when producers make solventless gummies the rosin used is of low quality, we use 45 micron hash, single source, which would normally go into full spec dabable rosin. The flavor is super good, hashy for sure but it's truly incredible. Rather than masking the flavor of cannabis I wanted to bring it to the forefront and pair it with the right fruit flavors. The ingredients are listed on every OH package, so if you see distillate as an ingredient you know they aren't full spec. Distillate was the go-to for the last 10 or so years because it's virtually odorless and tasteless, but the effects are limited, no entourage effect because it's missing the full spectrum of cannabinoids and flavor compounds. Our gummies use fruit pectin instead of gelatin, no horse hoofs for me thanks. :) Give em a try, you won't be disappointed, especially if they are on sale! My name is August by the way and I helped to create the gummies, I'm happy to answer any questions. :)

  30. Going to add these to my list to try, thank you for all of the great info

  31. quite good, not worth it for the price


  33. Just ordered one, TY! I have so many yetis around the house, it would be silly to buy a new one just to take up space if I only need the lid

  34. do you normally associate cultural commentary with politics?

  35. If you’ve ever worn a heart rate monitor, you’ll really notice how bad just one drink affects your heart rate variability and your resting heart rate during sleep at night. It really messes your recovery, sleep, and ability to perform the next day.

  36. Focus and drive as well. terrible drug

  37. I'm growing to resent seeing new anime clips popping up

  38. I see others are hitting the same conclusion as I have

  39. While Ohio's natural terrain serves us many benefits, we have MUCH to be self-critical of.

  40. Everyone in that family can fuck all the way off. Nothing but a bunch of wasted air.

  41. they're running out OUR climate clock faster. the rich do not consider the well-being of the needy.

  42. might be worth a look into one of those stainless steel or titanium waterpieces, could be your bong for life

  43. Had a stainless sold it didn't like not being able to see how much smoke I was getting. Over toked to many times.

  44. I feel that, much respect. gotta see that water

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