1. For anyone that sees this, I had the same bug and the reason is a member of monolith was hiding from me and you need to kill them all for the mission to progress.

  2. Bro yes thx man, he was hiding in the big dome area for me

  3. I'm glad I made the decision to post how to fix it then :)

  4. Yeah man for sure! i always reply with a thank you to comments like yours because of this reason!

  5. at the other big shipwreck is on one side a laser red light green light mini game whichs opens another power core.

  6. i know this post is like a year old but yeah can confirm that is in fact the solution to this problem

  7. you could very easily with the enhanced perk. litt the first thing i grinded for this season. nice to know i wasted my time long term

  8. im laughing my ass off at all of you people first grinding the weapon blueprints and then the perks

  9. you got me i grinded 8 hrs a day, 40 hours a week for every single dares weapon. or i just grinded the sword. lmao

  10. Personally i couldnt give two shits about red borders

  11. i feel like this is just some bull, bungie feeds us so we dont ask for it on the reg...

  12. I mean if it wasn’t the case, what would be the incentive for not doing this. Seems like a super easy game mode to make if it doesn’t break the game.

  13. incentive to not do it would be that people would then start annoying them to make it a normal thing because they'd figure out a super fun combo of exotics even though it would break the game

  14. “I have my own motives. No one controls me whatsoever.”

  15. "My movements are to a significant degree completely independent on planetary alignments."

  16. You are aware youre playing a looter shooter with rng in it?

  17. The only reason i made a warlock was so i could drop well in raids if needed

  18. I dont understand why this community just accepts and normalizes the fact that bungie just reshades old weapons and then reintroduces them

  19. I feel like it's the equivalent of the cool S. Kinda all of kings fall loot is tbh. Very "cool S" vibes.

  20. I know what the cool S is yet i still fail to see what exactly you mean by that

  21. Straight to the point could also be a good alternate name for it

  22. Wouldnt this name be more fitting for a gun that is kind of the opposite of NTTE?

  23. idk what kind of depression asses youre used to but her ass is pretty average

  24. I don't know what kind of hentai art thicc asses you're used too, but her's is definitely above average

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