Comprehensive Guide: Which Legendary Lord to Pick for IE first

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  1. If only these subs were still around :(

  2. Yeah. When I briefly had some sweet cheaty god powers I was a mostly benevolent deity. I sought out people who were harassing others and would have them teleported to nowhere or just kill them myself and give some money to the good ones.

  3. Then she gets a restraining order on you and fucks your best friend and your roommate

  4. The girl at the coffee shop or the ostrich?

  5. Yeah, I'd kill for this. I personally would love some class variants.

  6. Joking about you saying "women" which is plural, instead of "woman," same as the other comment I replied to you on.

  7. Mayu Iwatani is the best women in the world imo, and I think you could make the case that she is among the best ever

  8. Okay now Mayu is definitely just one woman.

  9. Attack. WQA = Wayward Queen Attack.

  10. Which shounen anime is that from again? /s

  11. At this point I would not be surprised if someone just did it for the memes. Someone already put a badminton racket up his ass so anything can happen here.

  12. It makes me angry that we need to do those kind of things despite the fact that I paid for Windows and they still are pumping marketing data

  13. Well that's the thing about it. We never really "owned" the software in such a way as to be left alone without their shenanigans. They of course know that and are more than happy to take advantage of the fact that you agree to play by their rules by using their OS. It fuckin sucks. I'd switch to Linux if there weren't still things that either don't work there (like anticheat related things) or perform worse.

  14. Really? Maybe irl but whenever I've seen weight loss posts on FB it's a crazy outpouring of reacts and support.

  15. First two I’m not scared of. Third is goofy. Second to last is menacing but chonky. The current one I would feel my soul leave my body if that is across from me.

  16. Mac, Sandman, and the Bruiser Brothers could be LL's. King Hippos single entity units, Glass Joe's the chaff, Kaiser's the decent infantry, Aran's sling units. I think the Boxers could have a pretty diverse roster.

  17. Having limited knowledge of that property I was concerned that it wouldn't make any sense for there to be ranged units in boxing unless there were some detachable arm rocket punches or some shit lol. I'll let you be the authority on that.

  18. In the Wii game, Aran Ryan puts a horseshoe in his glove and uses a rope to whip it at you. Not exactly a sling, but close enough. Or maybe a pilum?

  19. Anyone on the roster deserves a shot more than Dusty's son crybaby. Did you know he's Dusty's son and tore his pec? And he outlasted all 29 others? Remember when he left because his act was boring? Then he left aew because his act was boring and no one wanted him as the top guy? Now he's back demanding to be champion because he's dusty's son. Great storyline to end the most dominant reign of all wwe kayfabe. Maybe Vince had someone from write it for him while asleep. We fans should love the guy because he demands to be champion and end everything everyone else worked to build for years. He demands not just Sami to be removed and it's his time, but everyone else sitting on the roster. Last monday he demanded fin balor lose to him on his return. This is a joke and anyone else is more deserving. This golden boy shit is not it. WWE almost highest market cap due to an involved story now let's shit on it and give dusty's son cuz he deserves it. Balor put on a show to put him over, he should atleast put effort into it, not just demand everything be for him when he signed the contract.

  20. Where are you getting these demands for others on the roster from? Also idk why you think Cody would lose to Finn anyway.

  21. I realized earlier that commentary in WWE 2K23 might have Kevin in it and it might ruin it for me.


  23. Ohhh, derp. I did know about that but I thought you were somehow referring to an underwater hotel thing rather than the colossal ass aquarium. Which isn't to say that you were wrong for referencing it, just that I didn't think that was what you meant lol.

  24. lol now he's just arguing about what constitutes as bad for a wrestler in general and not even Cody, because people in the IWC are just like you said.

  25. Cody is boring, for me he is such a generic face, that got hurt and finished a match.

  26. ‘Definitely happening’ my ass. Roman NEEDS to look weak. HE needs to put the next guy over, otherwise they look weak.

  27. Yeah this whole thing now is about slowly dismantling him and his entire establishment. Roman will clearly not look weak as a combatant and that's what matters. He can still lose. He can still be pinned and put Reigns' reign to rest.

  28. Woah... Are you me? Sounds like roughly the same thing that I went through. Just got back into it shortly after last year's rumble.

  29. Hey, it's me, you. Returning for the first time in ~18 years as of like a year and a week ago.

  30. you could've said 'i defend racist' and kept it moving.

  31. I would if I wanted to arbitrarily lie about something. In this specific instance it was just a bunch of pussies attacking him. I'm absolutely fine with him getting his in a legit way for his antics. You could've just said 'I don't understand nuance' and kept it moving.

  32. EA doesn't have that either, at least not EA app, maybe Origin does.

  33. 2 months late to this thread but yeah Origin does. Used to backup things like Battlefield 1 before a wipe so I wouldn't have to redownload it all.

  34. As someone who's never played a WH game before, I went through a few paragraphs wondering why I felt like I was reading the same name suggestion and was like "ohhh lol." Now I feel as though I have to pick this dude even though I don't know who he is or anything about the game. Nice.

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