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  1. Do you mean in the bottom left? I thought that it was from the side profile, but it’s actually an Evo!

  2. Pretty sure the beach patrol in the top left corner is a Matchbox, but I dig it

  3. Thanks for pointing that out! I actually love it, but didn’t realise it was MBX until you mentioned. There’s one other in there and a Maisto as it turns out. Taken it up with the seller 😔

  4. I found mine, brown, under a pile of trash on my desk.

  5. because I think we've all had that moment where a banana or other food item was forgotten in a backpack or somewhere else closed off from the outside world for a weekend or more and seeing it after said time period made us disgusted so we take preventative measures, but it could still fail us because deep down we don't remember shit.

  6. There was definitely a time where I left one in my school bag and forgot all about it for 6 weeks until after the summer holidays. Can never shake that image any time I’m greeted with a slightly brown banana.

  7. Yep. That's my store. Same brown pallet. Same Gabby's Dollhouse feature.

  8. Just saying, but you should definitely get him lifetime banned from Walmart. Opening stuff he shouldn’t so he can take all desirable HW product to resell, ensuring there is nothing good on pegs meaning other potential WM customers leave disappointed and are unlikely to return in a hurry. HW profits depend on there being at least some decent product on shelves (especially mainlines) to encourage purchase of significantly more profitable items (playsets etc). No reason not to.

  9. I would love nothing more than to pay someone to listen to my stoner thoughts and ideas in those first few hours after a cone and tell me how amazing they are/I am. Where should I start looking?

  10. It's not a joke tho, she legit holds the world record for the largest mouth

  11. You do realise she’s holding it open as wide as possible for the sake of the video in an attempt to be funny? She doesn’t get around looking like that 24/7.

  12. Oh this is simple- Make your primary living house taxed super low and any other homes anyone owns beyond the first must be taxed at 20% of the total value PER YEAR. There's a bunch of easy ways like this to fix it, but we won't, because many of the people writing laws now also own a bunch of houses.

  13. Had been thinking much the same lately. How we as a society have allowed it to end up as it is is straight up disgusting

  14. If it’s of any consolation, I have three different morning meds and unless I take all three at once (and pay attention that I’m doing such!) I forget whether I’ve taken them all in the middle of taking them… when they’re still in my mouth!

  15. The LNP went full MAGA. You never go full MAGA.

  16. I declined the LNP voting form when getting my vote in earlier in the week (why give false hope and be forced to take something I don’t want?) and the LNP volunteer decided to get aggressive with me in response and question why I don’t care about the budget. Buddy, it’s simply too late. You aren’t going to convince someone to vote for your party when they are at the polls and ready to lodge their vote. All you are doing is securing a vote against the LNP for years to come…

  17. imagines Elon wiping the sweat from his brow as he tightens the final nut on his latest hand built rocket ship. The words ‘To Mars. From Earth.’ adorn the sides.

  18. Is the issue you rationalizing youre not tired so you dont get in bed? Or are you hyperfixated on something and cant pull away?

  19. I’d describe it as hyperfixation that is worsened by avoidance. And last night made me realise it’s something that lead to me becoming a nightowl soon as I hit adulthood. For at least the last 15 years, getting myself to brush my teeth at night has been such an issue. I’ll be stuck in a stalemate of not allowing myself to go to sleep until I do brush them, but my mind still not letting me actually brush them. Lately I’ve been only brushing in the morning because I don’t have the energy for it.

  20. They help me sleep. I take them at night a LOT.

  21. Have you discussed it with your prescribing health professional? Did they have any input? I feel like taking them two hours before I want to actually sleep is probably an approach that would work for me and my health, as it would allow to focus on winding up for the day, but would be relatively far along in their chemical effects,

  22. I never even bothered to open mine for that waste of time NFT crap.

  23. I was stoked for the cars, but never the NFT. I never even looked up what the NFT is/was.

  24. I hoped they've given up but there's a fourth series of NFT being released soon... So... no

  25. He’s not allowed to be one of us. We can vote to kick him out, right?

  26. Phew, I’m glad someone was quick to represent us 🙏

  27. Anyone else seeing a face giving the popper the side eye in that large lump?

  28. I met George Clooney in 1997. My family was staying in one of the villas at the Sheraton Mirage in Port Douglas and he just happened to be playing golf right in front of it one morning. I was 10 years old and a massive superhero fan, so I was stoked to be meeting the new Batman. I remember him being just lovely – just the same as he is on screen.

  29. Best licensed mainline - Pagani Zonda R. They nailed this one.

  30. The K.I.T.T. Concept is a great choice. I was conflicted when I first saw it, because I figured it was for some upcoming KR reboot but absolutely loves the design and couldn’t pass it up. That I said, I was delighted when I read that it was a ‘what if’ creation. Definitely feel you on the Vector vibes too.

  31. I've seen people hate on the KITT Concept because "'s not "KITT..." I can get that, but I look past the name to see the car itself.

  32. Personally, I genuinely like it better than the actual KITT… but I never grew up watching the original show. Baywatch was my childhood Hasselhoff 😅

  33. He had a harness on but apparently neither the kid, the parents,or more importantly the park employees noticed it hadn’t been attached to anything rendering it pointless.

  34. Having worked at an amusement park in my early 20s – where the majority of the workers/ride operators were still in high school – I can tell you that I’m honestly not shocked or surprised about the massive oversight.

  35. The most terrifying part is that we managed to quadruple the human population in 95 years. An EXTRA 6,000,000,000 people in under a century!

  36. The most terrifying part is that we managed to quadruple the human population in 95 years. An EXTRA 6,000,000,000 people in under a century!

  37. The most terrifying part is that we managed to quadruple the human population in 95 years. An EXTRA 6,000,000,000 people in under a century!

  38. That is honestly the worst spelling of a name I have ever seen. Is it supposed to be Brittany? That said, this sounds like an incredibly sad situation to be in.

  39. open up her eager eyessss, ‘cause her name is Bright-nye!

  40. I wonder if insurance companies would be willing to pay for the damages on the driver’s car. It’d be cheaper than replacing a stolen vehicle….

  41. This is honestly an awesome way to encourage children to drop all forms of masking they might be embracing to hide neurodivergence or identifying if they have sinister intentions they will act on without risk of repercussions.

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