1. Ir's not the first major news story, but the one I remember best. Everything prior to that is just loose memory scraps.

  2. If you have 2 working hands and a bus connection, you probably can do your groceries by bus. I know, I do it on the regular.

  3. in propaganda sollte 5d schach überflüssig sein, man merkt wieder da ist geld abgezogen wurden um die dacha von jemanden aufzuwerten

  4. Eben. Propaganda soll kein komplexed Denken erfordern, weil man damit schnell die Masse verliert, insbesondere die Masse, die möglicherweise das Wissen für das 5D-Schach eben nicht hat. Peopaganda will eher möglichst viele mitnehmen.

  5. They look great, I however am homosexual. I still respecr the buff women though, they're cool. We're buddies.

  6. Strong women = Worst Genocide of world history. After all, there are only 14 million jews, but 3 billion gamers /rj

  7. Crazy to think it all started with her 'accidentally liking transphobic tweets to research her new book', to her now being the champion of terfs and transphobes everywhere.

  8. Yea, selling it to advertisers and the US Government rather than advertisers and the chinese government.

  9. Deutschland ist nun mal die größte europäische Volkswirtschaft, deswegen wird es gerne als Stand-In für ganz Europa benutzt.

  10. Zudem hat Deutschland auch einen der höchsten Schwurblermärkte der westlichen Welt, neben den USA und Kanada.

  11. Hab die Globuli-Therapie seit meinem letzten Zuckerschock eingestellt 😔✌️

  12. I really think there should be a required "People/Cultures of America" class in highschool in America. Talk about all the various immigrant groups that have come here and what they faced, about African American culture, and about Native Americans. Too many people are completely ignorant about any group that isn't theirs

  13. Warte mal bis die lernen das Bear Grylls Diät schon seit Jahren zu 30% aus Käfern besteht /s

  14. Authoritarian Dystopia: Keeps slaves, treats women as property, enforces religious nationalism, shuns technology, burns knowledge, racist, warmongering imperialist

  15. This also actually quite telling about the logic gamers ™ follow, because they only follow a short term solution. They even admit it's only a short term solution.

  16. I'm Gen Z and I agree with Vecuts. The person in question is like 14 and definitely should not be browsing twitter, or reddit. At least not when they're just straight up gonna post their birthday for anyone to see like that

  17. I think he's based for the ACAB stuff but he lost all my respect the moment he said "who cares" about a dead human being. Police or civilian, a death is not to be celebrated.

  18. Is the celebration of their death in the room with us right now?

  19. Holy fuck please read theory I’m BEGGING you mfw Marxist ideas becomes “something hasan would say” oh my god 😭😭😭😭

  20. You don't even need to read theory, you just have to not be obsessed with streamers

  21. Also wenn tatsächlich leopard 1 panzer in die Ukraine gefahren werden würde das tatsächlich ein Grund zum protestieren sein...

  22. Ab sofort tag-teamen wir mit Russland. Das Heinz-Werner, 50, Pro-Russland, wahrscheinlich sogar noch gefallen.

  23. Yeah, for real. I work at an elementary school (a rural at that too, so not even some trouble hotspot) and boy. On the one hand parents expect teachers have an eye on every kid all of the time and god for-fucking-bid a kid falls over or they're allowed to throw a couple of snowballs. Nuh-uh. On the other hand the teachers shouldn't be mean, shouldn't tell the kids not to do bad shit or punish them for it, and on the other other hand teachers are supposed to handle problematic kids or kids with violent tendencies and keep them under control, and on the other other other hand every kid should also be an A+ studenr because otherwise the teacher is evil.

  24. Damn, space pope must be really up in arms against doug these days huh

  25. I think the original had Jesse making a more disgusted face iirc, so this is cuter

  26. And also more realistic. Team Rocket is anything but spiritually cis

  27. zoowee mama, FOUR difficulty levels. Now I know for sure. this game is pandering to the simpleton that is just not willing to put in the GRIND, just like "people" who use summons in Elden Ring (GOTY btw).

  28. If you praise something, that Gamefreak put into pokemon gold (1999) you know it's gonna be a mess

  29. Wait, wenn mein Handy ne Mikro is, dann kann ich ja on the go n Fertigschnitzel machen, geiler scheiß

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