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  1. What a freak. He was gunning the AR’s at range ffs

  2. Although a fresh start for optic that first game is going tn be massive

  3. It’s actually so refreshing to just go eat by yourself. I don’t read the newspaper but going and eating on your own while scrolling your phone is nice

  4. It was the first true crime documentary that legit made me cry real tears

  5. Bro mike myers is NEVER catching me.

  6. They just looked defeated. Everything seemed so hard and they were stretching their selves short trying to just get one map. Was tough to watch

  7. Doug legit cooked his shit. He pulled a B rabbit from 8 mile

  8. Hahahahahaha bro really say there for 2 hours 😂😂😂 this is a you problem my boy

  9. These working conditions are inhumane

  10. The way it tries to sway the flies aaay is heart breaking

  11. Right here!! Haven’t looked forward to a game since Elden ring

  12. Are pigeons just generally dumb? Why would it do this?

  13. My thoughts exactly, like this is such a dumb decisions. There is no red flag sensors here what so ever

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