Brendan Fraser Wins Academy Award for Best Actor for 'The Whale'

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  1. So I'm doing this with speak text from my phone as I'm walking. Please excuse errors

  2. I can tell by your writing that you're not looking at this with any intent on being respectful. I'm not going to be your unpaid intern. Jesus had many followers, the Bible says they convinced Pilate to allow them to remove His body, reread my previous comments on why that's not an absurd statement. Also, the Romans were pressured into the crucifixion, you act like it was some elaborate scheme, they already had crucifixion happening in the thousands, they just added him to the list. He didn't even get his own.

  3. Post made with speak text from phone, please excuse errors

  4. Last time I respond, reread what you wrote and tell me that was a respectable way to continue a conversation.

  5. I need something I can fit my family in, and my dog, and if I ever need to move furniture etc. My area also has plenty of rural roads so a minivan is out of the question.

  6. Yeah, they never consider the "I'm going to Ikea with the German Shepard" use-case do they?

  7. I agree. That tiny little fucker likely has far more usable space than most SUV/crossover garbage marketed here.

  8. It likely doesn't. There's very little cargo room. Though I do agree they need to sell them

  9. I can say for a fact that this thing is roomier and has more cargo than a Chevy Trax

  10. I'd hardly all a Trax an SUV. You said 'most' It's a crossover, and the new model is much larger now

  11. I mean Hitler invading Russia basically buried any chance they had of winning. If there even was one.

  12. This isn't an answer to your question but I just want to say how great Ford V Ferrari was.

  13. I really dislike AOC. Most of what she says is nonsensical and she doesn't have a great track record. HOWEVER. I'd back her anyday over MTG, she's an absolute monster and I'm ashamed she represents my state.

  14. Funny enough, compare its state right now to that of Halo and CoD WW2 and it's technically the one with better current reviews. I mean I HATED it and still think it's far from perfect but still

  15. I was REALLY late to the game. My sophomore year roommate was watching it on TV (2017) and I believe it was the first episode Garrison becomes president. I've now watched up to season 14

  16. I'm happy for him he got sober, and I like his spiritual bullshit because I'm into some of it too. He seems like a genuinely nice person, and I'd be his friend. But I wouldn't ask this guy for directions to the corner store, let alone his opinion on geopolitics. I don't think he can tell the difference between chocolate cake and bullshit.

  17. No offense, but you are only complicating things, there are very clear verses that support the transubstantiation, I sent them and there they are, I am not conflating verses, it's very simple to understand, these verses DO prove them

  18. You're looking at those verses with a biased opinion. The text does not say it LITERALLY becomes His flesh and blood.

  19. Denominations do not determine our entrance into Heaven. Only God. Of course your denomination can alter your course, more specifically which Church you attend or, like in life itself, who you surround yourself with. If one was to join a murdering doomsday cult claiming to be a new Christian denomination, I'd say that's an issue, but that's an extreme and unlikely scenario

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