1. Spore is a very good proof of concept, but I’d love to see a new take on Spore with more depth

  2. Spore 2 will probably be half finished with tons of micro-transactions and loot boxes.

  3. Clearly this isn't what you signed up for if you gotta make a post about it.

  4. Yeah, but the old Maverick was a muscle car, so I made this, if Ford took the Charger idea, after Dodge discontinued the Charger.

  5. WOW!!! That’s quite disappointing to be starting at an O-1. Seems like i’ll have a better chance commissioning at a higher rank to the AF instead. Gotta do more research!

  6. Just get black cowboy boots for service dress, no laces to tuck, perfectly legal in the AFI if you abide by the rules

  7. Well if you're over 6 feet tall & weight under 100 pounds OR over 300 pounds, you probably don't look like what's she's looking for.

  8. If your a male thats over 6 ft tall and under 100 lbs then you need to see a doctor ASAP.

  9. I'm sure I read something like 2% of the relationships from online dating apps end in long term partners. I don't know how that was calculated but that's a bad stat.

  10. they don't work for anyone, like at all... join the club we meet on Tuesdays at 6pm and start with shots

  11. You are stupid if you think I'm going to click on that IP-grabber-type suspicious ass link ☠

  12. I think you may be misinterpreting how the algorithm works, but obviously feel free to carry on as you wish. My take on swiping right on everyone instead of just those you are genuinely interested in is that you may get more matches, but they are matches with people on whom you would otherwise swiped left, so all you gain is matches with women you won't like. Swiping right on everyone doesn't make the ones you really like any more likely to swipe right on you.

  13. You mean the part of our bodies that consistently make contact with the filthy ground?

  14. BS. All DSPs have part time employees

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