1. My two immediate superiors are women and all the women in my section are paid more than me. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. I wonder how much the Combine has taken by the events of Half Life 2.

  3. Thank You so much for the wonderful and true message. Your time is valuable and we betas appreciate that You take the time to put us in our place.

  4. I am uncaged when out of the house and usually caged when at home. I can’t speak to the other elements since my Goddess is currently keeping me as her caged virgin so I don’t have to worry about the other aspects.

  5. My Friend let me buy Her a switch. 🥹 Sort of along the same lines only I don’t get to play with either option.

  6. Sure it has little effect on the outcome. But does it have an effect in engaging young people in politics? I think that could be positive.

  7. I believe there’s data from Canada that says once people start voting they tend to keep voting and the earlier people can choose to start voting the earlier they end up voting. So if the voting age is lowered by 4 years someone who would have started voting around 30 will start voting around 26. Canada has a student vote that runs parallel to real elections to prepare under-18s with the skills and experience of voting.

  8. Betas love their Goddesses and Queens, deeply devoted and obedient. Women appreciate their betas, tolerating our existence as living ATMs.

  9. If you only have half the sell orders to buy orders in your market, then the price will be +75%, if sell orders drop further or buy orders rise now, you will get the shortage modifier in your building, but the price won't go higher than +75%.

  10. I don’t expect the next year or two to be very productive in terms of new content for EFT given what’s going on over there.

  11. Taking the assets begins a ticking clock that a prosecutor would have to prove the assets could be used in a crime. There are plenty of marginal cases where this still deeply damages innocent people’s lives and should be reformed but the Police don’t get to just rob whoever they want as impressed by some of the comments.

  12. History proves your assertion false. It happens all the time.

  13. If just saying something makes it true regardless of the historical evidence, I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a million dollars.

  14. I can’t see a libertarian winning in 2008 with the free market imploding in front of everyone’s eyes.

  15. I see a redeemed Azula as a kind of anti-hero. She’s still confident and perfect, she just knows she has to try to help people now but she’s probably still “condescending” (truthful) and snarky. Although that would be after she’s recovered confidence and self worth, she’s been through a lot of rough and negative stuff. She definitely needs people who believe in her which she never got in the show. (The whole purpose of her tragic ark after all.)

  16. There seems to be many factors which feed into the longevity and deaeration of ghouls. Their lifespan and cognitive function seem to be separate and the physical lifespan can far outstrip higher awareness.

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