1. Anytime Beth is on. She is the opposite of whatever radio gold is. I am pretty much skipping the whole show these days.

  2. She is slowly being driven insane through isolation. Remember, Howard would talk about the Japanese soldiers on an island somewhere in the middle of the South Pacific and they didn’t know the war was over. Howard is exactly like that now

  3. Once a week bang o clock and no blow jobs??!! No thanks!

  4. Plus the voice and childlike demeanor. I could not take that level of clueless stupidity in my life for very long.

  5. All boners disappear the moment she starts talking

  6. I think she has some mental issues. Not even joking. She’s like a child.

  7. Billy took that show to heights Howard never enjoyed after his departure, which by the way I think was November 1, 1995.

  8. Just went online to listen to the Jimson weed bit. So funny.

  9. If it is not in the profile I will ask for one. She has high standards and it will turn me on knowing she will be getting a good one.

  10. This seems odd. Being a fan of the same sport aligns you it’s not like politics.

  11. I can’t wait for Beths tell all book. There is probably some fucked up shit we cant even imagine going on in the Stern household

  12. I was a regular listener since 93. I even went to a book signing and met him in person. A couple years ago when he decided to take the summer off with no advanced warning really left a bad taste in my mouth. I cancelled the following spring. I have found a place where I can listen to his show for free now and it is still not worth it. There is just not the same energy not being in the studio together. Beth is the death to good radio. Finally, there’s no conversation around anybody that’s left the show like Shuli or Brent or Artie. Its just lame

  13. I found it free on the Internet and I can’t even listen to it anymore

  14. Trimmed super tight above and shaved cock and balls and below. My girlfriend used to be landing strip and shaved below but recently got a wax and I said let’s do the whole thing and for me it seems so much hotter so I guess that’s what I prefer. When growing through photos on a swinger site and I see anybody with a full bush it’s an immediate turn off for both of us.

  15. Fucking hot. We both fell asleep last weekend while she was doing this. I love it so much.

  16. The dude should vet the potential fwb. It will come off as loving and generous that way and she will feel spoiled. Having her talking to them is a lot of work and frustrating just like dating

  17. Make her feel loved and safe. If you have been pushing hard or this is a regular thing every time you have sex, she will definitely grow tired of it. Do not abandon her. You say your libido is low, but if you are not having sex with her now, because this fantasy is gone, you really don’t have a relationship in the first place.

  18. After chatting for a while, both the guys excused ourselves to the bathroom, and when we came back, the girls were making out

  19. After chatting for a while, both the guys excused ourselves to the bathroom, and when we came back, the girls were making out

  20. Kissing is important in building a connection. We have been with couples with the no kissing rule and never again. It is just cold and mechanical. Not so much fun.

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