1. I agree that much of rap and hip hop, post the early 90’s is overrated and overexposed, but a lot of the head banging rock is too.

  2. Cliche? I don’t consume rap, but it isn’t the only genre where marginally talented people can get into music. Let’s not forget that pretty much all new genres from jazz to hip hop have been met with disdain by the wider public. Hip hop had about 10 good years before the gangsta and commercialism took over. I listen primarily to Caribbean, Latin, and African music, which isn’t rated highly in America, but who cares. I also prefer the 80’s nu wave music that came out of the UK, which was primarily played on college and alternative stations in the US. I stand by my comment on some of the head banging stuff.

  3. Lolwut? Gangsta rap hasn't been relevant for at least 15 years. You just don't have any clue.

  4. Brilliant retort. Exactly what I'd expect from someone slobbering over JJ's knob for no good reason.

  5. There's really no need for any further response. You comment demonstrated that you lack any level of media literacy.

  6. So after getting extra butthurt that someone dare question that a guy who has made exactly one original movie isn't actually a good director, you went to bed, slept on it, and have now decided "noooooooo u arent media literate!!!!!!" is the best response?

  7. Vegans aren't totally innocent when it comes to water wastage in food production. Almonds are absolutely terrible from a water conservation standpoint. Eleven percent of all water usage in California, a state that has had serious drought problems, is by almond farmers (

  8. ... do you think that the only people who eat almonds are vegans?

  9. I got one for pointing out to a dude that he compared gay marriage to beastiality, and refused to let him weasel out of the point. Wild.

  10. My parents live 2000 miles away. They're in their 60s and in good health but at their age do I have to start thinking about what to do when their health declines? The only other relatives I talk to are my two siblings and they're both younger and less established/financially-stable than I am. I have a feeling I'm going to be at a total loss when my parents start on their way out. (Edit to add: they're divorced and would be little help for each other) !ping OVER25

  11. I feel like you really can only handle the end of life care stuff when it actually happens, but until then I would probably focus on making sure both of them a) have a will, and b) set up funeral arrangements. The lack of even one of those messes with sibling relationships when they should be busy grieving instead.

  12. The movie spends so much time pretending that it's in Boston, and yet at no point does a character scream "Fuck the Yankees!" Interesting.

  13. Probably same reason there is no metro stop.

  14. ... having to dig too deep below the Potomac and that Georgetown wasn't considered a work location during the initial design when Metro was primarily considered a way to ferry suburbanites in and out of their DC office buildings?

  15. I really feel like this is what happened to Brittany Spears except the group telling her what a good idea something is happens to be the public.

  16. Britney Spears may be dumber than a bucket of rocks, but her conservatorship was absolutely bonkers and never should have happened. They were not "taking care of her," they were taking care of their cash cow.

  17. Yeah I don’t see all that real-world evidence. But if you have any data showing how rent control and rent stability “destroy cities” please feel free to present it.

  18. Berlin's attempt at rent control dropped future construction to a standstill. They dropped it within a year.

  19. Rent control and rent stability measures are good for people who need homes.

  20. What success stories are there for rent control? You asked for examples, you should do the same.

  21. It would take multiple blows to the head that leave me in a vegetative state for me to be comfortable voting for the Republican Party.

  22. They really buried the lede here. That’s 26k over 3 years for a Ford Fusion - I’m more bothered that’s he’s got a $2.2M home in MD lol

  23. Kinda feels like there's an anti-McKay movement with that title when you've got Foust literally saying "I slept enough nights in Fairfax, okay!?" over accusations of having a mansion in Maryland, and McKay is just over here existing.

  24. friendly PSA to all the DUMBASSES out there calling the style of combat in John Wick (2014) "gunkata": that is COMPLETELY inaccurate. gunkata is the style of combat invented by Jim Wickers and Kurt Vimmer for Equilibrium (2002), starring one Christian Bale. the fight style the John Wick (2014) franchise uses is known as "gun-fu" (alternately "gun fu") and was invented by Chad Stohelski and David Leitch

  25. Living with university students might be a little weird for any potential dates, but you having a small room would kinda mean that your spot probably wouldn't be the main base of operations for weekends anyway if it got serious.

  26. Idk, my school was supposed to have Ben Carson as a graduation speaker the year after the 2012 election, and the senior class successfully petitioned to change the speaker. I think it’s a valid thing for a student body to do.

  27. Do you mean the 2016 election? Because I'd figure Ben Carson would still be considered "cool amazing neurosurgeon guy" then.

  28. Well I graduated college in 2014, so no. He started campaigning as a conservative political figure in 2013.

  29. Ugggggghhhhhhh, I had forgotten that he compared gay marriage to beastiality and NAMBLA. God, what a douche.

  30. I go down every year that I can. They're absolutely beautiful, and to me, it's a ritual marking the start of spring much like Memorial Day marks the start of summer and Labor Day marks the start of fall. The experience is great on bike once you get past the cars. I did a bunch of laps around Hains Point last night. I chuckled passing the same cars with every lap I did around the park though (that had moved maybe 30 feet for every 3 mile lap I completed on bike).

  31. Yeah, there's just something about annual rituals that I appreciate more as I've grown older. I get why people don't want to go there during all of this, period, but I see it as an opportunity for a beautiful 9 mile run where I'm giving myself permission to stop, enjoy, and take pictures instead of focusing on pushing through and trying to hit a PR.

  32. Uhhhhhh, responding to a comment you literally made to me isn't "stalking." Quite the opposite, actually.

  33. Of course it won't punish little girls. It'll punish little women.

  34. My folks moved just outside the Beltway years ago after I graduated, so fairly frequently, I guess.

  35. Yeah, that looks right up there with Geostorm, where a scene is explicitly said to be in Dupont Circle, then shows a shot of the characters positioned on Pennsylvania Avenue facing the Capitol. If studios want a DC location, they also want some sort of shot of something on the Mall too, geography be damned.

  36. If it has Screaming Mad George for special effects, then consider my ticket pre-bought.

  37. Lol, that was Cardi B who allegedly did that, you racist.

  38. Peak troll game. All you needed to do was mention wearing a balaclava to stick the landing.

  39. Email tracking isn't that great unless you click on something to land on their site where additional trackers are. For instance, Gmail "automatically opens" your email, which is to say they download the image pixel to their server located where you're not.

  40. Yeah, between Apple Mail and Gmail both firing off the open counter pixel automatically, open rates are one of those stats that have only gotten more deprecated as the industry continues to evolve.

  41. Really nothing. There are a lot of people that live in Maryland. Virginia actually has more fatal car crashes per 100K people than Maryland. The information is readily available on the internet if you Google it. The taxes aren't higher. The schools are actually pretty good. The founder of Google and a lot of other famous people graduated from Maryland schools. There's crime, but there's crime everywhere. The demographics of Maryland and Virginia are different, so sometimes I think these comments are not rooted in truth, but something else.

  42. I mean, taxes in Maryland are the highest in the DMV. There's not really any personal setup that will benefit from Maryland's tax configuration (ie, "DC is best for a married lower-income homeowner with a car" and "Virginia is best for a single higher-income renter without a car").

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