1. The spin effects all bounces, this is the secret to reading double taps.

  2. Keyboards (most) lack analog inputs so that does become a hinderance to achieving mechanical perfection, but plenty of people are better than me that play with KBM.

  3. Practice flying inverted and sideway (both sides) before you even really try learning to constantly spin.

  4. Because they keep putting us back to 1600 every season, where all the plats and diamonds are.

  5. This. The beginning of the season is a mess until you get to 1800+ in cas.

  6. Interesting. In your experience, what would you consider a mechanic worth learning at your rank?

  7. I love advanced mechanics, but if I had to pick the one that gives you the most bang for your practice buck my vote is on double taps. They do take a long while (at least for me) to reach consistency with. I started practicing them in diamond and wasn't consistant till around GC. But even while you're sucking at them you're improving your backboard reads and that is a crucial skill both offensively and defensively.

  8. Is this a copy pasta? If not then it's now, pure gold ty dude.

  9. It's facts, if you've ever stood between your wife and something that can kill you both, when you clearly have the option to run because you're faster, let me know, if not, stfu kid.

  10. Thanks mister manlyman, i will think about your words next time I stand face to face with a moose! Until then you can maybe learn about how to be a pleasurable human being in civilization. Cheers!

  11. I was born in LA, and lived in NY. I used to run several hotels, I know how to be a fake as fuck pleasurable type. Getting away from that fake bullshit and being able to be the man my Vet Father raised me to be with no apologies was a revelation. Having a wife that respects that you would man up and die if you have to to protect her - makes you fell like a real man. It's a deep satisfaction to be accepted for your authentic self. I hope you have or get to experience it yourself.

  12. I contacted Epic Games (Where psyonix takes you). They switched the chat to email. Really hope they can help me.

  13. I'm a video game programmer (not for RL). If that makes you feel better. I've had similar things happen. All your stuff has to be validated server side (so they can sell stuff), so there is a record of all your items etc.

  14. Yeah that's what I figured because hackers etc.. I'm just worried I fucked around too much and overwrote something.

  15. They have backups, they can restore all your items even if it get's hacked. And most companies go to great lengths to ensure you can't muck up things in their servers.

  16. Mute them, accept that match is a wash, and go hump their car until the game ends if they won't FF. It is what it is, if you let them tilt you, it'll affect your next match too. Don't let the trolls win.

  17. Hmm that's a good question. I don't know if you can save the replay to your Xbox I wanna say you can't. Maybe on the computer you can sign into your epic account and it'll be there? I'm sorry I'm just guessing I don't know how to obtain the replays in the game for yourself

  18. You can record the whole replay as a clip (you have to change the Xbox 30 second default). Upload it, then you can log in on a phone etc and go from there.

  19. What would you suggest? I usually always rotate but I just feel a bit off maybe because of the extra teammates?

  20. It changes at every rank. But to push into champ in 3s - I would suggest focusing on recoveries and being faster as 1st and 2nd man, and being more patient as 3rd.

  21. Holy cow you ain’t wrong about diamond/champ 3s. Normally play gc1/2s in casual, but dual queued with a buddy (~1300 casual mmr) who claimed to be champ 1, and wow. It wasn’t that everyone was “bad” per se, but let’s just say the 5 monkeys fucking a football analogy didn’t not apply. It was just kind of a miserable mess for me. Honestly caused me to doubt myself a bit. If for some reason, I got hard-stuck there and only solo q’d ranked, I don’t know if I could get out before going mad.

  22. I have some friends around that rank too. It shocks me for a second every time when I realize that all the prediction skills I've honed are of no use in this place.

  23. Bro ur lying I am telling u now u do not play constant SSL smurfs in c3. I’m gc1 and whenever I derank to c3 I’ll play a high gc Smurf maybe once a week. U just aren’t good enough for gc sorry to say

  24. I'll bet he's on the gamesense side of the spectrum. Usually people who see smurfs everywhere just aren't up to the average mechanical standard of their rank. And at GC in any mode - yeah - 1 whiff/bad touch will create a threatening opportunity for the other team, and they will probably score it.

  25. Tbf I’ve never thought about that but it makes sense cus I’ve always been a more mechanical player I’ve been hitting flip resets since diamond and I barely ever play someone with better mechanics so I don’t call them a Smurf even if they maybe are 1-2 ranks above me

  26. Yeah, I've been a walmart Joreuz since diamond too : )

  27. You've already answered your own question. I've never seen one player who uses Take the Shot! be any more than a rolling dumpster fire of a teammate (or higher than diamond). Your teammates are just saving themselves the stress.

  28. My suggestion is bind powerslide on it's own button. It makes recovering to all surfaces much easier.

  29. So they'll get to that one after they fix server performance... oof, I guess I'll just hold my breath.

  30. It is against the guy with the short name (maybe OAK, can't really read it).

  31. 1600 is a common casual mmr for a C1. The problem is that they drop everyone above 1660 to 1660 at the start of each season.

  32. Since you're controlling a physics entity that runs in a fixed update at 120hz it really doesn't lessen input lag. Good rule of thumb is to cap it at your monitor's hz or a multiple of 120.

  33. I tried some different buttons but ended up putting it back on my brake.

  34. They added a bind for grab in the controller settings. Change it to RT or whatever else you want.

  35. Spin the stick 180° counterclockwise (from up through left to down) (if using ARL) after the cancel.

  36. The 2 loss thing is good. Seems like a solid circuit breaker

  37. If you can't take a break at least go play an extra mode. No massive deranking streaks definitely helps.

  38. It's pretty great, not gonna lie. Using air roll left and right opens up wall dashes, better wave dashes, several flicks (and better flicks in general) and overall faster recoveries.

  39. Unless you get thrown straight down it is way better to recover with boost first in KO. A tiny squirt kills momentum almost instantly. Plus the flips are more effective the more momentum you have going in the direction you want to recover to.

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