1. Gosh this season was so boring. I’m not even the least bit sad to see it go.

  2. Plus we have seen the scenery...move along to a different destination.

  3. You realize it’s a produced reality show, yet? If they didn’t complain or celebrate, there would be nothing to film.

  4. They should be more worried about not working as a team and getting the job done for a good tip rather than being lazy, romancing, etc.

  5. No no, I was being a sarcastic smart ass! Haha, it's hard to tell sarcasm via text

  6. I don’t think you should rewrite history but it’s fair to make some observations on if things would be different with Camille if Alissa wasn’t there. Camille isn’t there anymore but based on the previews Alissa looks to be having the same issue with Hayley that she had with Camille. We also see interior still having plenty of issues even with Camille not there and a new and from the limited screen time a competent deck / stew to replace her. So let’s see what the issues are going forward but if they’re having issues and Camille isn’t there anymore, maybe the issue wasn’t only Camille.

  7. I can't think of anything Alissa did that forced or compelled Camille to be shit at her job. Camille was an enthusiastic lazy-ass and attitude-haver. Alissa should have been way more professional in her approach to Camille, but the response to unprofessionalism shouldn't be *more unprofessionalism.*

  8. Seriously...because Fraser has been so involved in the discord and stepped up as a leader that led to all this and brought it to Lee and and Sandy's attention. /s

  9. Sandy targeting a chief stew? Color me shocked

  10. Fraser has already dug his grave by making comments like they have been fighting since day one - and never mentioning it to Sandy.

  11. Overall, it was a pretty rough season. I agree with everyone else that Kerry seems like a solid addition to the Below Deck Extended Universe.

  12. Haha yeah she really doesn’t eat does she? Isn’t she gluten free or something due to allergies? I always figured that’s why.

  13. That's what I have been saying all along. I don't think Camille gets fired under a good chief stew like daisy or aesha. She's the type of girl that needs positive reinforcement and more hands on leadership at the start

  14. Fraser should have been more involved with training Camille instead of pawning her off under Alissa and creating hierarchy drama.

  15. Seriously...people think Fraser is innocent in all of this but he is not as the Chief Stew.

  16. Besides the cast with zero chemistry… who wants to go on a yacht in freezing temperatures? Such a weird concept.

  17. Beautiful countryside, but I'd rather see them in warm tropical setting imo

  18. The deck crew was so lucky not to have the toys...well except the, omg, ice blow up thing at the ready

  19. Faye was very demanding to the crew. Rather than nicely asking for their help.

  20. Hunter Fieri, Robert Irvine, Martha Stewart, Sandra Lee, Molly Yeh, Guy Fieri on vacation {or whenever he has Hunter Fieri on any of his shows, especially when he calls him "heir to the kingdom."}. I think Guy is great but lost a lot of respect for him pushing Hunter, so very untalented, in our face. And now Kathy Fang joins the group.

  21. I can take Sunny as long as she isn’t eating. Good grief, I cannot stand listening to her smack food around and talk while she’s chewing.

  22. I like GZ but he is a 100% snob. He won’t eat a taste of a hotdog or something he thinks is beneath him. Alex will try anything but have you also noticed that Katie is selective on what she is trying which means get have something to do with weight watchers. Sad. You are on a food show. Eat what is prepared!

  23. Unreal. They seem to have great rapport with their co-hosts and it’s obviously more network visibility for them…But I still can’t help but think that Alex and Geoffrey must think that this show is beneath them.

  24. It basically is a fake show at this point. Just listen for the piano to come in when it's psychoanalysis time with Dr. Irvine and associates.

  25. He graduated from UNLV with degree in Hospitality. Maybe he had some culinary training there.

  26. Come on...Jeff and Sunny egg each other on and play to the hilt.

  27. Exactly! I don't get why people don't realize this. These hosts are playing up their personas for entertainment.

  28. If anything, I feel like Bobby would be the one to take issue with Guy. Along the lines of just not really thrilled about Guy. Guy on the other hand has just taken the opportunities after winning Food Network Star and became a household name. Logically it doesn’t make sense for Guy to dislike Bobby. As a judge on Food Network Star, Guy has Bobby to thank, in part.

  29. I think with a more supportive crew, she could be a riot. Throwing theme parties and having a lot of fun. She's surrounded by a bunch of babies who don't want to work!

  30. Not everyone wants theme parties or the crew all dressed up and acting out.

  31. Its not about if she can or can't hack it, it's about it being respectful of giving him a heads up.

  32. Sandy did give him a heads up...after the fact. She did not need to ask permission.

  33. I’ve always loved Lee and have had issues w Sandys leadership previously…but she did nothing wrong here.

  34. Plus he would be getting things 3rd hand - and how could he handle the situation anyway.

  35. Did Jess seriously decide to just wave off lunch, and is making the guests eat the snacks she didn't even make as their lunch? This is crazy. I would need real food when I get back on the boat after that.

  36. I thought she was supposed to have the guests back to the boat a long time ago.

  37. But she had prepared lunch for the guests but gave it to the crew.

  38. Haven't watched yet but curious if Captain Kerry is aware of this.

  39. I'm looking forward to what Captain Kerry says and does about this.

  40. She had already been cooking lunch for the guests, but then decided not to serve it to them and gave it to the crew instead. That gets her out of cooking the crew lunch.

  41. I think he's probably right about the BDA production company. They're on a learning curve but they'll get there eventually. I'm a big fan of Lee's, but I'm not sure what calling him about production issues would help. Hope he gets back to his boat soon enough...Sandbag has reverted to her old micromanaging ways again and NEEDS TO GO!

  42. Lee would have ignored the interior problems like he always does.

  43. Sheesh. Captain Lee (considered by most to be the least engaged and least aware television captain) smears the other crew and the other production.

  44. And many think it is the engineers that actually captain the ship on these shows.

  45. i was getting sooo mad at sandy’s rude ass attitude!! the guests requested 8 courses, the chefs clearly dont have all day to prep those 8 courses so what does she expect?!

  46. So y'all. Was Ben hooking up with the new deck stew or was that Tony? It was so fast and I didn't want to watch again.

  47. Ben and Camille were not madly in love after 3 weeks. Even they knew that.

  48. I’m not defending her, but I have a feeling the production team encouraged that situation by telling Kate and Josiah that Caroline was staying on the boat just to laze about.

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