1. My therapist said I have superrr low emotional intelligence 🫤 but I make up for it with my pretty high Intelligence

  2. Its like using your CPU to do the job of a GPU... it can do it but its not great and drastically slows the CPU doing the tasks it normally excels at

  3. And getting drunk basically allows you to convert your CPU to a GPU... So now you can do the stuff the GPU is good at but now the GPU sucks as logic processing

  4. Why not play it first your way then use the guide. Sounds like you would basically be playing the game with a script. You may as well just watch a YouTube video of a perfect walkthrough.

  5. In terms of Christmas waste. You get to reuse it every year, so it's no more wasteful that any other decoration you bring out each year. I assume you do have decorations?

  6. I perceive it's as a deliberate attack on civilians. It probably will be proven as a war crime or crime against humanity in the future. At least now our authorities stopped pretending they care about civilians and it probably going to make it much easier to define their actions in a court and maybe even help define older crimes as deliberate actions rather than "accidental" consequences.

  7. What you describe is horrible for a single healthy adult, I have a baby and a toddler the idea of going through this with them is terrifying. Personally I'd be leaving the country and living as a refugee. Cause what you describe can easily kill babies and young children.

  8. I don't mean to downplay it. Sorry if it looked this way.

  9. No no you described it perfectly, and if your russian I have even more respect for you consideration. I was simply adding that a lot of people here are likely healthy young adults with no other responsibilities. And it's good to remind people that worst affected will be kids and those unable to help them selves :(

  10. This is the correct answer. That and running fast is how you deal with multiple people wanting to fight you.

  11. Well I plan on training 5 times a week minimum and I’m more into striking because if I’m on the ground one of the guys homies could bash my head. And I’m looking for something that uses the entire body to adjust to the situation, I plan on studying it (being the martial art) for 3 years.

  12. Iv done Judo for over 20 years... I'd not fancy my chances Vs multiple people.

  13. Go to riften and get the mara amulet and get a spouse then have them earn you money.

  14. Well getting married only for money does feel kind of evil, But i will think about it.

  15. Well you didn't specify not being evil. If you just want to avoid combat I'd become a thief

  16. It's either have dirty levels, sit and grind a minor skill by cheesing some super cheap spell over and over or spend gold.

  17. Leveling is not as bad as it seems at first. If you have three attributes at level 40 in the begining and invest 3 points in each, by level 20. With the max level being around 75-80 it's not that hard to max everything out. If you have only x2 on one skill, just dump the point into Luck. However, this does require a bit of planning in terms of major and minor skills.

  18. So far iv managed mainly x5s but I have completed oblivion so familiar with the madness lol

  19. You playing with a mod that affects smithing perks? I know the mod YASH can mean that you can't craft iron tools till like skill 10 or 20

  20. Yeah i get 95 fps average. I think the game is just too old and new gen hardware is messing with it for some reason. Could be windows 11 too. Its fresh install and new save. I finally got a character into the castle and name him and design it. Then i get stuck at the execution scene and literally nothing ever happens. No mods either.

  21. The games physics engine is designed to work at 60 if you go above that you start to see some random crap. There's some other settings you need to change in the config file where you changed the FPS value to align it with a higher FPS limit

  22. Okey, i usually dont worry about frames in the fallout series but I guess skyrim is a little more sensitive. Ill just use the nvidia panel and cap it

  23. Have a try at capping it at 60 and doing the horse kart scene. If it goes normal then that's your problem

  24. So then you basically play like I do. I walk only when I have to. When I want to explore a new area, I use the carriage or fast travel to the nearest landmark and then sweep the region. I discover all those "hidden details" you mentioned during this sweep. When I get overencumbered, I fast travel back to my storage area and then fast travel back to where I was to continue exploration until I've discovered all landmarks in that region.

  25. That's not how I do it. I only fast travel from one city to another.

  26. I'd suggest using the horse and karts out side the main cities. If your going from main keep to main keep then that's reasonable but teleporting to every POI really makes the open world experience pointless. This is how I use to play and thought the same.

  27. If your really Wana work on these we practice them extensively in Judo.

  28. Enlightening and it's you're not your...

  29. Seriously your both adults and it's a hobby you both do. The instructor has ranked you up a little sooner than your partner. It happens he may have his reasons it may be an oversight.

  30. I found that eventually your brain goes into low power mode. Where it can't do complex stuff but you can do the basics but you need less sleep and you can fall asleep easier. Oddly enough it doesn't feel that bad...

  31. Apocalypse spells has a spel that makes horse run on water and go 30% faster. Really found that useful

  32. It looks like a hairy hand... You know what they say about a hairy hand ;)

  33. It gets allows you to get a level 30-ish sword at any level with only one requirement.

  34. I think I came across the jelly from other enemies as random loot. But I do have mods....

  35. I don’t know, I’ve never eaten just two pringles and then gotten a vasectomy before.

  36. When I met my wife she already had one. I really wanted to experience pregnancy and childbirth so we had another one. Then when our son was about 4 we decided we wanted to look into adoption and/or fostering. When they were 10 and 6 we started fostering. We ended up adopting a sibling group of 2 and then another baby the following year. We thought we were done but then a very specific situation opened up and we decided to foster another sibling group. We will be adopting them.

  37. Guys at the local DIY store must be wondering when he's gonna complete his project lol

  38. Harder difficulty. Means more damage taken and inflicted that means more skill gain

  39. Hmmm haven't noticed this so much my self. Done judo most of my life and now BJJ and directly compete with people in that sport. But then again I don't know those people in a social setting outside the club

  40. At bjj, aggressive newbies used to see my blue belt and awkwardness, and just assume I was terrible and were really keen to roll with me and prove themselves. I wasn't aggressive but was good at applying pressure, which is difficult to handle unless you'd been training for a while. So whilst they didn't hate that I was better than them, because like you said they were strangers, they assumed I would be an easy target.

  41. I guess I get that a bit. Generally I get higher grades at BJJ get annoyed with me at first as I'm a blue belt BJJ but 2nd Dan judo black so can hold my own with upper belts as long as I'm on top. And standing I can generally play with most BJJ guys. I don't get it at Judo cause the black belt generally tells people I'm good enough. Also it's rather worn now so shows it's quite old too

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