1. Looked at several recipes for three sisters' soups, picked what I liked from them, and blended it all together.

  2. Easily the worst thing I've ever made on purpose. Thought it would be thematic to do something with Kool Aid, saw that Kool Aid Pie is a popular cousin to Jello Pie and figured I'd make something kinda orange creamsicle-y. Terrible. It's too sweet, tastes like orange medicine, and is a total waste of a perfectly good crust.

  3. Our florist sells some local mixes from a company in Boulder. Bbb seed company I think.

  4. Something easy to highlight my new favorite substitution food! I love sunbutter as a peanut butter replacement, it's so good and only a little more expensive than the usual PB. The recipe is roughly like this one from Food, with 1:1 replacement of sunbutter to peanut butter:

  5. Interesting. I have not tried sunflower seed butter yet for anything...on my list now. I have wanted to try making no-bakes with quinoa as a substitute for oatmeal. I assume the quinoa would have to be precooked though, so a little more work than the regular recipe.

  6. I'll be honest, I'm not optimistic about that quinoa substitution! But if you try it, let us know how it goes.

  7. A first attempt at anything like this, I think it went pretty well. I used this recipe:

  8. I really want to try cabbage rolls, we don't have them here and it doesn't seem like a suitable dish to make when I'm cooling for one :p Glad you liked it and I just wanted to share that I read in a Palestinian woman's blog that her mom's recipe for this uses the same exact meat stuffing to put into things like zucchinis and even their boiled dumplings so you have options if you don't want more cabbage :)

  9. I am also cooking for one - a single cabbage made about 5 meals of 4 rolls each, so maybe I'll just stuff something else.... or turn it into meatballs and freeze it?

  10. I use them for small spills on the counters to preserve my small stack of hand towels. I wouldn't use them for patting down meat since I usually just give them a rinse and let them sit out to dry. They've been a great game changer for my housemates, though - it is a friendly adjustment from using paper towels for everything that doesn't seem too intimidating, I think.

  11. A little on the sweet side, definitely shooting for a carrot cake type muffin. Could always drop the sugar from 8oz to less!

  12. This was my first experience making pasta. My first dough was just awful and I wasted all my flour. Had some semolina flour on hand and decided to try the recipe on the back. To dye it I added just some food coloring to try and make it purple. Instead it came out looking like mold had taken over the noodles. It was delicious though so next time no food dye.

  13. The picture doesn't look too bad! Glad you found a good recipe though without the dye next time.

  14. I wouldn't describe any of my beeswax wraps as wet or sticky. I would contact the folks you bought them from and ask.

  15. Took a basic waffle recipe and split it into 4 - used good ol' store brand food dye, and added tumeric to the yellow portion after being unhappy with the color from the dye.

  16. Even though salt isn't harder than your blades, it can absolutely still dull them. Razor blades are dulled by hair, the blender blades could be dulled by salt.

  17. They came out so cute! What a lovely clean cookie they make. Someone in my family used to make pepper cookies when I was a child and I bet this was their origin once upon a time. Thanks for the recipe!

  18. I was impressed with how they turned out shape-wise because I let the dough come back to room temperature because it was very crumbly when cold. So no chilling required, maybe!

  19. goes up to 116 but the durability of that weapon is pretty pitiful. Only useful for on lynel backs or if you choose to durability transfer.

  20. Durability transfer? Like swap an existing damaged weapon for the same thing but new?

  21. I'm not huge on mustard and have a bumpy history with condiments, so this week was tough to think of ideas for.

  22. I've done the drive a few times, both are enjoyable scenery, 40 is quieter. If you're leaving on a weekend or holiday day, 70 might be packed a little extra.

  23. Even though you're going to school for materials, this question might be better suited for a student or tech sub.

  24. cute and clever! also omg those impossible “chicken”nuggets might be my favorite nuggets of all time, SO GOOD

  25. I think what I've learned is all of the flavor of a chicken nugget is the breading. Definitely the most friendly meat-eater space in plant-based is like nuggets

  26. After a botched plan for yet more tacos, I realized I had the hallmarks of a kid's TV Dinner and could make something for the middle of the week!

  27. Hm... How high a heat capacity could it have? Cos I just googled how hot plasma can get and it's up to 8000 Celsius, so the material would have to be able to absorb that amount of heat and bleed it off over time, while also having a surface temperature that's cool enough to not melt other armor materials you may have on underneath the woven armor

  28. If you need something truly high temp, it's not likely to be a textile.

  29. Well somebody suggested a chemically treated "glass" type material due to the scifi setting

  30. Definitely a feasible enough explanation if you want to keep it rooted in current tech/knowledge/realm of possibility.

  31. I’ve looked through your post history and I know you’re better than this. I think you’re having a bad day. I’m guessing this tragedy hit you pretty hard and you’re fed up with bullies but I promise you more violence isn’t the answer.

  32. Tbf, it reads like satire. Comparing mass shootings to apple pie?

  33. I'm totally in the camp of "ice is a ceramic" because the "traditional" definition is basically a catch-all for "not a metal or polymer". It's an oxide! But honestly, I think if anything it might be a polymer, since you could argue that an H2O is the monomer and they're bonding via H bonds, but I think the constantly shifting nature is a point against the polymer definition.

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