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  1. Wife and I had a threesome a few years back. Was fun and a novelty, but did not really change anything.

  2. Can only speak for myself, I enjoy cuming from blowjobs. However, back to the days when I started going out with my now wife (f44), I avoided cuming in her mouth - until she asked me about it. When I told her I wasn’t sure she would like it, she laughed and said she loved it, and had done since first time she had blown a guy. No more avoiding it after that 👍

  3. From reading Scandinavian crime fiction, a perception is created that due to immigration, there is a violent crime problem fueled by drug addiction in these countries. How is the crime scene there? Is it peaceful and crime free? Some people say that the books present a totally distorted and false picture. Can you please comment on the actual state of affairs in Norway?

  4. No, it is by and large pretty peaceful in Norway, but some immigrant groups are overrepresented in the crime stats.

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