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  1. I want to create a simple show. Let's call it " Legacy "

  2. Because a man was arrested for operating a parody account. As long as the police can arrest people for whatever they want, any true 'freedom' is at the whim of people who may or may not have completed basic education.

  3. Without any evidence or research I'm assuming by Honeypot they mean they'd draw bad actors into a subreddit. Let them spew hate speech, and get them banned for blatant racism.

  4. Don't you love being the victim of a crime from the State and the State can still slap you with criminal charges for funsies?

  5. I don't know how they managed to go back to the 3DS-era temperamental online hubs. It isn't just a Nintendo network thing either: disconnects are frequent on both Switch and Windows, and there is no crossplay necessitating a continuity between the two online systems.

  6. Not sure why people are downvoting you. Just because they haven't experienced something doesn't mean it magically isn't an issue for anyone else.

  7. I think you have it worse than me, so you’re probably right about it being a regional thing.

  8. For reference it takes a long time for us to get into a lobby. We get a disconnect every four or so hunts ( we tend to marathon them ), and bringing in people makes everything worse. And it lends to teleporting hunters and monsters gliding across the arena.

  9. Is it different than the gal who was beaten to death because the morality police thought her pants were a touch too tight?

  10. The police have made it crystal clear. No matter what your state's laws say, you do *not* have a right to carry. Open, concealed, or otherwise.

  11. 'White Replacement' and 'White Genocide' are poorly veiled dog whistles that want to erase all other races that aren't white. Typically by using violence and mass incarceration/extermination. It must only be a coincidence the people that trumpet 'White Replacement' are neo-nazi's.

  12. People really still be mad about a game that came out in 2013

  13. Apparently they found a .25 handgun in the car that was last "sold" in 1968. "My guess," Sheriff Gualtieri said, "it's probably been stolen several times, sold on the street several times. It's what we call a crime gun."

  14. I have commissioners come in that go through the whole process understanding my pricing structure. Want a complex 3 minute animation, and balk at the pricing. I price myself out at around $8/hr ( since Im still learning ) and I work at roughly seven hours per four seconds of a complex animation.

  15. Good. Bleed them dry until conditions and benefits to the military improve.

  16. To be fair Trump catching a sharpie is big news. The man doesn't know how to stand up or shake hands we gotta give him something.

  17. wait a sec I thought it was the other way around? I thought they deemed that loli stuff as legit CP.... didnt they?

  18. I can dig for the case again but if I remember correctly they adjusted the wording so only actual CP, like filming the rape of a child, is considered actionable.

  19. Dont know why im getting downvoted but reddit is reddit... I only asked cuz when you google it, it does say it is illegal. Its probably like you said has a lot to do with wording and case by case. I think it should be illegal but as we are discussing it's hard to lock in what is and what isn't ya know?

  20. I very much know. The wording always feel purposefully vague so it can be interpreted differently as needed. It's annoying a lot of laws can be quietly adjusted to fit a prosecutors needs.

  21. I have a suspicion it's based on how the players played.

  22. When saying " Lets bomb the shit out of (insert anything) "

  23. Who's gonna tell em a gas car flooded with sea water also won't work

  24. Not saying this is you, but this is a standard defense from Furries. It’s a big deflection. You can find cringe like this naturally. For instance, half of the

  25. If it's any consolation, of the mainstream subs this one is loaded with the most furry hate I've seen in ages. Hard to count

  26. Without diaper furry cursed shit how can I scare my Discord frens? Keep it flowing!

  27. She's saying that she is a woman of color (in the U.S. that includes black , asian , latina , native , and pacific islander women afaik) , but people on the internet don't want to recognize her as a woman of color because if they did then , according to her , people wouldn't be allowed to hate her as much as they do currently.

  28. Every post I see of her every few months is followed by people mentioning she might be having a mental breakdown.

  29. Maybe she's just not the most mentally stable and is prone to mental breakdowns or psychotic breaks

  30. Fair enough. She did invite a random stranger into her home once for the lols and got mad when he made some videos about it I think

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