1. There are a lot more blanks and doubles, some of them could be 10 teams blanking/doubling so if you can save it you definitely should. Check Ben Crellin on twitter for all the possibilities

  2. I have 8 players blanking for GW a dilemma whether to play WC or not

  3. Never have I ever is a fun one for a group that hasn't hung out for a long time.

  4. We are boring bunch of dorks who haven't done anything much in life so basically we won't end up getting wasted

  5. You could do the opposite. Have everyone share something they've done, and whoever hasnt done it has to drink. Good way to catch up woth people, and find out ways that y'all aren't as boring as you think.

  6. Not sure in Mullers but I know among female psychiatrist Dr Caroline is good

  7. I hear you...lived there for 3 years before the pandemic...Blore never treated me right...glad to have moved back to my hometown...I still fear I may have to comeback

  8. In season 9 he’s 23, hardly a full adult. Even in season 10 he’s still figuring stuff out and growing, that’s the theme of the show. That said, what immaturity are you talking about in season 9? He’s pretty impressive in that season with the whole Kandorians situation.

  9. Kandorians was fine...what about Jor - El even in season 9 he does not listen to him

  10. This series is about his journey of acceptance of himself and his destiny moreso than him being superman,

  11. I know that but many instances are there where he can just use his hearing and x ray vision and stop things from happening but he just gets caught up in the moment or he never uses it

  12. You can start with Goa then head to Gokarna, Mangalore n then Kerala...all lie in the same coastal belt

  13. So what’s your final response is it safe ?

  14. How many times have you tried? If just once or twice, why not just play again instead of ranting? You have a week's time to complete this challenge. The aim of the script is to make you play more efootball games, rather than completing the challenge early and playing other games.

  15. India has only 2 days of obligations besides Sunday - Christmas and Assumption of Mother Mary

  16. Transfer data using konami id in start screen. The option is at bottom right corner in start screen.

  17. Just tuned in the game....who was for the military mourning for at craven cottage?

  18. I love their shawarmas quality of the best in mangalore...and the best in my book...haven't tried the other dishes there but heard they are good

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