1. Transfer data using konami id in start screen. The option is at bottom right corner in start screen.

  2. Just tuned in the game....who was for the military mourning for at craven cottage?

  3. I love their shawarmas quality of the best in mangalore...and the best in my book...haven't tried the other dishes there but heard they are good

  4. You certainly have 2 cities which are linked to section S AND section P. To identify them, you must find the cities that are present more than once in your table.

  5. I've never seen GROUP BY used before WHERE, didn't know it was possible, try flipping them

  6. Oops was just typing the query on excel coz I couldn't copy paste it but yes the group by is after the where clause

  7. I would go Kane and Son..but if you reached a limit on spurs go with Son n Haaland

  8. Martinelli had a good pre season so I'd pick him over Smith Rowe. And you should keep Watkins because he has a very good fixture.

  9. Nobody knows really, unless ETH says something definite i wouldnt trust anyone who claims to know otherwise either

  10. The overall stamina of entire squad increases by a bit if you assign captaincy to a player with that skill...

  11. Is there any legal way to watch the movie online...I don't want to download torrents

  12. Nice actually my dads from daman...but we are not close to I consider myself a full mangi...yes mom only comes for festive masses

  13. Yes this year my mom will be accompanying me for the mass this Holy you are multi cultural (not sure if its the right word 🙈) im just a mangi 😅

  14. Well I meant a specific year. Like, my favorite band is t The 1975. What's that change to? 😅

  15. You had the courage and did it. You survived rejection. now do it again and don't wait so long. The sting will go away, don't build it up in your head. You don't have to wait next time. I guess if you had a major crush on her then maybe let a bit of time pass to be over it and not still hung up on her when dating the next. Desensitize yourself to rejection and learn it's not so bad. Ask the next girl out quicker.

  16. I agree with other posters that it might be a good idea to not ask out other girls from your church group for a while lest they feel like a consolation prize.

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