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  1. That's all the installer does: it installs Rust. Now that it is installed on your system, you can use it to compile Rust programs, but you have to write one first. Follow a tutorial to write a simple "Hello World" program using any editor of your choice. Many people use Visual Studio Code, but you can use any text editor, even Notepad, to write the code. Then compile it, then run the resulting executable.

  2. ok, so i used vscode for rust i even istalled the rust analyser package , adn i wrote a basic hello world program and its giving error

  3. Looks like you gave them quite a show last night

  4. Sekiro is going to be appearing as a rival band in bocchi the rock, watch out

  5. did you leave those tabs, on purpose???,cause you're just like me

  6. I will tell you that later, but wtf is dark shine doing to my boy flash💀💀💀

  7. Should've listened to her, should've DONE IT OUTSIDE

  8. Dudes who motivate kids to stand up for themselves be like

  9. Ohhh I didn't know thank mate Can you give me some advice on how can I proceed to program this? I was supposed to reply to op

  10. Try reading the actual manga, , it has more ink

  11. So accurate because thats him, he is a redditor

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