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  1. knew i recognized this OP, clicked on the profile and it’s the saving the turtle guy lol. these animals out for ya

  2. The real question is why isn’t Rare adding more in the game!! I cri

  3. Mine does this too. She finds the highest place in the house. If she fits, she sits!

  4. Dang. I hope when the set releases they run the 1st Edition stamp! I wish more TCGs would do that…

  5. Mine has this too, but not as bad. It’s a pretty common problem for them apparently. I haven’t taken it to the dealer because our local KTM dealer is horrible to deal with…

  6. Awwww so cute. I vote fox 🦊. However when she gets older it will change . Mine was fox . Now it’s more teddy bear 🧸 lol 😝

  7. That’s what I hear. I guess there’s not anyway to tell 100% while they’re young. She’s only 4ish months

  8. The wife and I assume Fox… Because she looks just like one!

  9. My ‘17 is closing in on 100k miles and I plan on keeping it until I hit 250k. So far I’ve had no major issue aside from some random misfire codes which seem to have been fixed by carbon cleaning. I will probably need a new clutch at some point, but, imo, the weakness of the stock clutch is overblown (at stock power at least).

  10. Thanks for sharing! What mileage do you change oil at usually?

  11. Honestly the transmission is the only reason I would consider going the 2022 model; I had a 2020 MT VN and that DCT is just :chefs_kiss:

  12. Thank you for this! The biggest two reasons for me wanting a 21/22 are the seats and the DCT (the wife doesn’t wanna “DRivE mAnUal”), I’ve only heard great things about the DCT. I want a proper hot hatch for the daily that doesn’t suck on MPG and has a little power! Thanks for your post

  13. Haha same boat, honestly it's a good buy if it's < 40k OTD otherwise wait it out or see if you can get the much much better hot hatch the Golf R DSG.

  14. Golf R is still one of the top picks for me, but the VN has so much character it’s hard not to like it

  15. One of the things I had to come to terms with as a first time puppy owner was that, for the large part, accidents in the house in the early days are largely the owner's fault. You have to have an eagle eye on the little pup at all times they're out of the crate. Any "sneaking off" means you weren't watching closely enough to know that the dog was going over there.

  16. Yes, I don’t always have an eagle eye watch on her. I’ll make sure I’m more aware of what she’s doing at all times. Thanks!

  17. Also, if you aren’t doing it now - pick a word that you can teach her represents going potty outside. I hate saying potty, so I use hurry hurry. Whenever my puppy went in the right place, he’d get a treat and I’d say very excitedly “good hurry hurry!” So now I can ask him if he needs to hurry hurry and he usually responds in a way I can decipher.

  18. This has been happening to me too on my 890 Duke, I thought I had overfilled oil. Glad to know this is a common problem... But on a new bike?! Grrrrrrr...

  19. As stated by fellow staff members. We will be back soon! Only so many threats and harassment comments anyone can take in. If people could read the rules and follow them accordingly it would make everyone’s lives way easier as a community and the staff as well. To all the members who have been here since the start and to the new members who are just beginning with us we thank everyone for being apart of GameVerifying! We will be back and ready to help everyone soon! Thanks for the kind comments.

  20. Thanks Gator boiii. You’ve helped me a lot. Nothing but the best for you. Looking forward to having y’all back. ❤️

  21. I have a new 3ds(not xl) in good condition. Comes with Mickey Mouse plates for 200 shipped.

  22. MagicJam here to save the day. Thanks brotha

  23. here you can see it more closely ^^ !

  24. Where did you get that bottle from?! And I guarantee I could offer more money. :)

  25. Ayo, snap some pics of the entire glass shelf. Also, beautiful piece. I’m the first person you need to contact when/if you sell it!

  26. Dude you laugh of excitement is killing me

  27. It’s the little things in life that you gotta find enjoyment in!

  28. Very insightful, much helpful. Thanks, buddy! <3

  29. Okay! Let me know! Feel free to counter offer. I'm open to negotiation. I'd sell Pokemon for 85 shipped

  30. Thank you! I’ll get back to you this evening. And is that Pokémon CIB?

  31. I had a chance to check. For all four of those games I’d be at $85 honestly. Lemme know what you think

  32. Hey sorry currently pending with the other person who offered for all of them first if it falls through I'll let you know

  33. What under spoiler do you have? Trying to find one for my 890

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