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  1. I think that's the first i see a holo member mentionning menstruation

  2. I'm pretty sure it's blurry on purpose in case a reflection show up or something like that

  3. I heard that his email was the same as a certain historian but i have not seen any proof of it, do you have any ? Considering it was a big part of the drama i find it weird he didn't adress it in his response

  4. During todays trombone stream Watame played Hava Nagila, a Jewish folk song. Which led to chat devolving into anti-semitic comments with English speakers leaving comments such as “✡️👃” and “Oy vey, shut it down.”

  5. There was the same comments on gura's stream and probably the other streams too. This is so pathetic

  6. Mikeneko isn't part of vshojo, nazuna is a different character/persona i don't think they will do a public statement

  7. Yo don't expose me like that retar 🤬🤬

  8. Dear holotard with editing skills please do more hololive/mandela catalog.

  9. Pardon what the hell did they do to dye her hair right there

  10. I was expecting to see or rather hear Cassiopeia lol

  11. How is it I can have this exact setup and still not get this many coins or last that long. How do you survive past the 30min mark?

  12. I restart and reroll items until i get halu and batteries, i had superchatto time and glasses early in the game too. Roboco's gun lvl7 is strong enough to beat halu lvl4 or even 5 so i max it in priority.

  13. It's better to cum in the piss than to piss in the cum

  14. Do we actually know if it's true ? Or was it just made up by jurassic park ?

  15. The hololive error update looks pretty neat

  16. Official naked gooba AND SHE HAS GILLS AAAAAAAA

  17. Intruder imposter when the suisei wants you to kys ඞ

  18. Why is there still people complaining about tempus collabs? Just accept that your waifus are destroying the boys with their giant futa cocks and move on smh my head

  19. Boys have regular cocks, the girls are the ones who have futa cocks. Get your facts straight 😤😤😤

  20. plus rien ne m'étonne dans ce sub franchement ptdr

  21. On doit être les seuls 3 français du sub ça met bien

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