2. Well they just put in place today then because just yesterday I bought fractional shares

  3. Facilitate is an interesting choice of words

  4. fa·​cil·​i·​tate fə-ˈsi-lə-ˌtāt facilitated; facilitating Synonyms of facilitate transitive verb : to make easier : help bring about

  5. What is roaches discord and twitter info? He is the opposite of Kai and I love it.

  6. If you missed anything he said..rewind that! Well worth the listen!

  7. Learning process friend!! I bought a long put on credit suisse and turned 100 to 300 last week. But I sold the contract. I am unfamiliar with the process of exercising, and I see memes about it here all the time. So I though I’d ask the apes :)

  8. This is long af but great video to learn how to trade options. Good luck OP!

  9. Icahn’t imagine why! This just doesn’t Cohenside with anything.

  10. In order for you to be on record has to be by March 27 and considering T-2….today would be the day.

  11. I think the rules are different for threshold list than Reg Sho

  12. That’s what it was when it originally split but after the split, there was more shares to APE that was added to the float. In other words, it was diluted.

  13. It wasn’t 50/50….if it was, at the time of the split, your cost averages would have been the same. You don’t even have to trust me bro, go back and look at your brokerage statement. It WAS NOT A 50/50 SPLIT!

  14. Its really crazy right now.. more sh*ll fuks than ever. Are they really so desperate they have to get every possible single share they can get? Desperatation is consuming..and full of disappointment.

  15. It could just be China, the country ffs. They're making moves aligning with Russia and announcing a new world order today. Check the international news about it.

  16. This is actually on a very small avenue in Manhattan called 6 1/2 Avenue as in a half. So technically it’s not between 6th and 7th…it’s actually 6 1/2. ✊🏼

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