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  1. I am no expert but I would say you could easily span that distance with a steel beam

  2. Does this only happen in the US? I actually don't get it. Never saw this happen in my country.

  3. Rip it all out and start again before you end up sitting on your toilet in the living room

  4. Thanks, looks like it was installed incorrectly with the rod not going through the washer

  5. I am in NSW and I was led to believe that any change to existing footprint would not pass a CD. That is not to say I am right but when we did a big reno everything was complying except for the extension of the single garage into a double, that meant we had to go with a DA, and that information came from council.

  6. We had a single level home that was on solid foundations and we wanted to add a second level and a double garage. We looked at the cost of demolition and rebuild but we didnt like any of the cookie cutter houses the big guys do and a fully architected home would have been $1m+

  7. Great outcome. Can I ask how much the renovation was to add a level on top and remodel the bottom? Thinking of doing something similar

  8. We had a full second level added and about a third of downstairs remodelled along with the extension of the single garage into a double. I think all up (this was 2016) the total cost, so including fittings, painting etc was just under a million.

  9. Those candles are as effective as the straw house the wolf blew down

  10. Let me stand as close as I can to this huge rock and remove the only thing holding it in place then take my sweet time getting out of the way when not surprisingly it starts to fall towards me at a pace even a snail could outrun.

  11. I do not really understand your drawing but for reference in 2016 as part of a full renovation we had our single garage extended to a double and that line item on the quote was around $50k BUT also out of the entire renovation it was the only thing that required council approval, so watch out for that

  12. Sounds like a cowboy outfit. Anyone with experience would be able to accurately gauge how long it should take, unless weather was a major factor.

  13. Hopefully they dipped the bar in hot chilli sauce as well

  14. Because they are package homes with zero flexibility in design, other than having the house flipped but then you are facing other fence. Ironically, where these houses are on display they are probably also facing directly towards a fence so its not like the buyer doesnt know what they are getting.

  15. yes you want outdoor blinds that pull down and secure the concrete rather than directing a shitload of water to your fence footing and into the neighbours yard

  16. thanks heaps for the advice - unfortunately, I contacted the tradies but they’re denying it. it seems like it would be a huge pain to prove that they did it so exploring options

  17. Just said that other banks appeared to be offering x% atm, could they possibly match that?

  18. I will try the same thing, have $2m in investment loans and I really do not think am getting the best deal from CBA given the amount

  19. Surely they’d drop it. I think Unloan’s rates were around 4.5% for IPs.

  20. Yeah I know, just a basic shop around shows some significantly lower rates but maybe they do not have offset facilities etc. Currently mine are 5.18% and that is already with (supposedly) discounts. I think you did the right thing phoning up, its not like they are going to proactively reduce your rate for you out of kindness.

  21. If you got a lot of disposable income you should buy a place, rent that out and then rent wherever it is you want to live. I do not think this is an either or situation. If you buy wisely then your 900k house can pay you back $700+ a week in rent, then claim the remaining loss on tax.

  22. Hmmm there is nothing in the garage (or even the house) that would meet that sort of category. Apparently it doesn’t require surface contact, it is a known issue if using it on concrete floors in warehouse settings for example.

  23. Yes you are correct, hydrochloric acid can cause corrosion through fumes but I still think the builder is right, if its bad enough to cause rust then surely you would be able to smell it or feel it on your skin.

  24. Don't forget the full charge the buds hold before they need to have the first of the two recharges from the case.

  25. I don't think it works like that as hours are broken down to 60 mins.

  26. I stand corrected, yes just under 15%, so I am now fully qualified to work in marketing for this company

  27. Am I blind or where in this video can you see the guy taking a selfie, just to me looks like he made a bad decision to sit on a thin glass railing, which in itself is incredibly moronic. But also, if not a selfie but suicide, who suicides backwards?

  28. I did some research on this myself recently and the main takeaway was that whirly birds are only remotely effective if there are eave vents or some other way that air can be sucked into the void. I was of the belief (like it seems you are) that if you just stick a couple on your roof it will magically drop the temperature but apparently that is not true, probably also why some people you talk to say they do fuck all.

  29. I had the same issue and I just persevered with pressing it. The entire mechanism had rusted. Luckily it finally gave way

  30. yeah but then when he does he is like standing. I am calling fake.

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