Legend-War - Episode 2

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  1. Pff ihr seid erst bei Röhrenfehrnsehren?? Overheadprojektoren sind der neuste shit

  2. Anarchy btw is completely broken rn cause you do 4x Dmg if you stick a sec shot instead of 2x Dmg

  3. No one's talking about how he even got 90 motes in one match? Pretty impressive

  4. Tbh effigy with its normal look looks like someone smeared shit on a stick but I love how the equinox ornament looks

  5. I also use the ornament, and tbh the post was meant more like what the best exotic gameplay wise is, but I don't mind.

  6. tHeY sAiD mObIlItY iS vErY lOw aNd tHeRe aRe aLsO sOmE pOiNtS iN rEsIlIaNcE

  7. So about that, I nearly killed Gael in 1 try on first play trough and got him a few tries later

  8. Man kann es nicht Bolognese nennen wenn kein Fleisch drinn ist. Bolognese aus dem Italienischen übersetzt heißt Fleischsoße.

  9. Copy the code and paste it into the post. Even a screen shot would have been better.

  10. The is not the problem, it's the programm connection the brackets the wrong way.

  11. Try to add brackets in the if and if else statemenst. Also remove "public" from the declarations of x and y in the method. Access operator is used in class scope declarations like on methods, props, fields etc. and it's not used in method scope.

  12. Damn I miss the days when getting a new exotic was actually exciting as hell 😂

  13. Was way more exitet to when I got the purple Halo sword after like 20 keys.

  14. That is amazingly bad translated xD

  15. Damn. In our arts class we have to cut feelings into soap for the next 4 1/2h.

  16. Thank you, this guy is now scared for his life, had multiple heart attacks in a single second and will uninstall r6 for the next months. After he will return he probably won't even have a key to enter cams.

  17. That's not how you supposed to play the game

  18. Maybe try disabling compression completely.

  19. Remember to always remove compression and set filters to none

  20. I partially agree, I think they are a tool to heal yourself and hold certain zones of the map for a couple seconds when challenging. Hiding in a corned covering most of your body just camping a certain spot is just not what they were designed for in my opinion, destiny is a fast game, this man here looks like he is playing fortnite with 3 people alive

  21. The rift can also be a tool to boost your DMG and I used it to make enough DMG to oneshot guardians with 80 resilience or less. It's just the start of the game and as an experienced player you should know that this is one of the best angles to Snipe someone.

  22. Yeah but not to just sit there waiting, again destiny is a fast game, what you did is good for a couple seconds, not to just wait the whole game there waiting for people to appear. If you don’t learn that soon you won’t reach lighthouse/5500 points on comp

  23. Sure, I know D2 is a fast game and as I said these are only 12sec. of the whole match. I knew they where there and they sniped 2 of my mades so I paid some revenge. I also started actively playing comp a few days ago and now I am more than halfway to 5500 with I bit more then 3000 points.

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