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  1. People like you are why innocent plow drivers are hated. We understand that we live in a place where we get adverse weather and we have to clear the plow roll. But this? Dude, I’d call you a cunt but you lack the depth and warmth to be one. Proper dickhead mentality. If you were a cop or someone in an actual position of power, you’d be on the court dockets for abusing it.

  2. Anyone got a golden retriever willing to take up the helm? Lol I'd vote for that. His name better be rusty or so help me....

  3. I have a Boston Terrier who could probably do it…he’s old and ornery in his old age. Frustrated by the arthritis that is slowing him down, but he’s always dressed to impress (looks like he’s wearing a tux) and he’ll clap back at you and get mouthy if you tell him you don’t like what he’s doing. I’d choose him over anything the CPC has presented to us since 2015.

  4. Do people from Mt Pearl like people from the Goulds? Do people from St Johns like people from CBS? IDK Doesnt make sense to me

  5. Get out beyond the overpass and they’re all townies!

  6. Oh, yeah, it’s basically impossible here in the US.

  7. Can attest, it’s pretty difficult in Canada too. I left my job because I went into a long period of flare ups that were relentless and trying to plan or schedule anything there for a while was just impossible. I felt like I was just barely surviving. Thank goodness my husband can support us, I’d be effed if I was on my own or the primary breadwinner.

  8. I hope you find that change, and I hope it helps you a lot

  9. My new diet is tackling the out of control inflammation that is ever present in my body and I’m starting pelvic physiotherapy to build core strength in the coming weeks (awaiting an appointment). My worst pain is limited to certain predictable days now, for the most part. Always pain present, but I can get around pretty well outside of those bigger flare ups.

  10. Look into “Scanning Offset Adjustment”, if you’re using Lightburn. That may fix the double images.

  11. Also agree with this. Scanning offset fixed this exact problem for me.

  12. It really does look like a woman getting ready for her annual exam.

  13. I thought the same thing; that the logo silhouette looks just like a woman getting ready for a pelvic exam. On the right hand side especially, that looks like a foot. Sorry, I mean no disrespect…but as a 43 year old woman, that just reminded me I need to call my doctor in the next few weeks and schedule my annual physical.

  14. I have worked on higher end machines (Trotec) but only after buying my Omtech did I actually learn how what these machines are all about. I will say for most of us, Omtech is a very hands on machine. If you’re intimidated by that, maybe look into one of the next tier lasers. As someone else said here, Omtech is a great machine if you don’t mind fiddling and figuring things out. There are a lot of us out here with different versions of the same machine so the community is more active than you see in other manufacturers. In my experience there is always someone available to help you with issues. There are also a large number of videos for these machines because their affordability means there are a lot of home users and hobbyists using them. These are the people more likely to make content for YouTube.

  15. I’ve had great results with Columbia 1/4” maple. I pay $60 a sheet though. East coast of Canada, everything costs more here.

  16. I don’t bleed heavily. I get my period right on schedule. I find myself wondering if I’m just a wimp or being overly dramatic about the pain. There’s not as much blood as you would expect given the pain that brings me to my knees sometimes.

  17. Absolutely. Stage 4 endo (including bowels and bladder) and adneo, but a light flow.

  18. We’re twins! Same issues same places and my period is painful, but I don’t seem to have the heavy flow one would expect of someone with these issues.

  19. We have a hot tub, but we would never get in a hot tub that is meant for public use. We’re pretty anal about chemical levels and proper cleaning and bringing in water samples once every month or so. We’ve had ours about 10 years now, i guess. My husband had a strong reaction to bromine early on so we had to go chlorine. The allergic reaction essentially gave him a chemical peel on his scrotum, armpits and backs of his knees. Poor guy suffered with it. We were very surprised that he reacted, we expected it would have been me because I have pretty sensitive skin. Our hot tub has never caused me an issue, and that was his only issue. I did get a horrid rash from my friends’ obviously poorly maintained hot tub though. Never again will I use one besides my own.

  20. The Volcano line is a really good example of diminishing returns, imo. The performance from a Volcano may be really good but I personally couldn't justify the massive price tag. The vapour quality will be pretty far above the XQ2, but the basic feature set is the same (with the aftermarket whip attachment). My EQ I bought in 2020 was perfectly serviceable and the XQ2 looks like it has some nice ease-of-use upgrades that the EQ didn't.

  21. Just jumping on here because husband and I are considering getting a desktop vaporizer and currently we have two of the OG Mighty vapes. Sr. is 5 years old and has been an absolute tank. It’s been zip tied together after a drop on ceramic 3 years ago. We got Jr. when we dropped Sr., thinking Sr couldn’t possibly last much longer after a drop like that. Boy were we wrong!! Jr. is in perfect shape but the side button is getting a little wonky.

  22. My mom once complained that a gift I got her "looked cheap." I was 14 then. I'm 31 now and I've still never forgotten that comment. Makes buying anything for her so stressful these days

  23. I would imagine it changed the way you give gifts to anyone out of fear of rejection. That sucks, I’m sorry.

  24. Do you find it weird when the voice in the phone keeps telling you it is a local call, the area code isn't required and then disconnects?

  25. That only happens if you use the 1 for long distance.

  26. Do you think that every basement is filled with mold?

  27. Yeah, came here to ask this…we rented a lot of basements in university, we never once had an issue with mold.

  28. Same! It’s like I know I can just exist around him (my husband) and we can exchange energy and not have to fill it up with words all the time. I feel like that’s the hallmark of a true friendship.

  29. My husband and I have no children; I just started a home based small business and he chose the hybrid model when returning to work. He’s a professional engineer and has to be on job sites to oversee testing and procedures from time to time so he couldn’t go 100% remote, but he would have if he could.

  30. I almost kept it out of boredom but removing any covid misinformation enforcement was the final straw. Right wing Americans still think we all live in concentration camps here in Melbourne Australia.

  31. They think the same of us up here in Canada.

  32. I had an old boss that I formerly liked. One day I offered to grab him a coffee while I was heading to Starbucks, and this weiner insisted I force the minimum wage baristas to put the sugars in his coffee "to show them who's in control". Like this adult man with a management job said out loud in front of people that it made him feel big to flex on service workers and thought it DIDN'T make him sound completely pathetic. All esteem I had for the guy instantly deflated. I brought him back a black coffee and two sugar packets.

  33. What a douche. I hope they served him watered down coffee.

  34. I have a 2019 Infiniti Q50, I know my mileage isn’t that bad despite me utilizing sport mode far more than is strictly sensible. I remember seeing somewhere around 11-12L/100kms last time I checked it. That’s with very little highway and mostly town driving.

  35. I'd just like to applaud whomever decided to make it a magnet instead of a sticker. Far easier to take out the trash.

  36. Someone is spending some money on these…decals would be way cheaper. I worked in a sign shop, magnets are 2-3x the cost

  37. You know, sometimes during a bout of severe insomnia, I have what I call a dumbass day. I can’t seem to form a coherent thought or even make simple decisions without input from someone else. This usually happens by day 3 or 4 of very little sleep. I’m basically a very dumbed down version of myself. I really struggle with feeling this way because I feel like I can’t get out of my own way and it frustrates me. My husband once cheered me up by saying “Babe, you’re use to being in the ‘well above average intelligence’ category in life. This is what it feels like to be of average intelligence. And this is why you hate people.” So now I just assume most people are walking around like me on a dumbass day and can’t help it. I hate people a lot less now.

  38. 10-12 years ago, they weren’t that expensive tho. $350-450 for a Canadá Goose. Now they’re more than double that

  39. My husband wanted to buy me one about 10 years ago when all his office friends were buying them for their wives for Christmas and they were $700ish then. I said “No thank you”, snagged a Helly Hansen on sale for 1/4 of the price. Still wearing it, but may need to get a bigger size this winter because I have endometriosis and a significant amount of my time is spent looking 4-5 months pregnant these days.

  40. Looks to me like not enough air…more air while cutting may help.

  41. I know the campus has racoons. Last year, when i was living on campus, i left half a pizza outside overnight by the back door on the ground and by the next morning it was gone!

  42. I was like “Is it benguiat or copperplate gothic?” But CG is a lot skinnier, I tend to have to put a contour around it to get it sturdy enough for some of my designs/cuts.

  43. If billionaires are so smart and cool, and they have way more money than they could ever spend on themselves during their lifetime, why don't they start an informal contest to see who can do the most to fix the planet.

  44. I wish I could upvote the hell out of this!

  45. Hubby doesn’t love sushi but I do. He gets Tonkatsu pork at Sun Sushi when we go.

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