1. Are you taking any courses right now? I think schulich's cutoff last year was a 92

  2. Retake 2010 in semester 1 of summer 2033, and 2011 in semester 2 of summer 2023

  3. If your not doing 2011 do u replace it with a 2nd year schulich course or a york course? Cuz you'd only be taking 4 courses in the winter term

  4. Pretty sure you'd be better off specializing in HR at schulich than the york HR program

  5. Laurier is also a top program w coop but only top 30% of students recieve it I believe

  6. Have you not thought of transferring to schulich? It's much easier transferring into schulich than laurier if your in yorks bcom program.

  7. Waterloo CS won't like he switched the period of his class 😳😳

  8. You have to accept an OUAC offer by jun 1 so doing the course in the summer would be problematic and likely mean you would have to apply in the next years admission cycle

  9. As long as you don't have any college/uni grades they'll look at your high school grades just like everyone else. You should do further research on the OUAC wesbite tho

  10. Your putting yourself in a bad position by not going to a school with a "hyper competitive vibe" because those tend to be the most prestigious. If you have a 90+ avg just go to a prestigious b-school thats also a party school (western, queens, laurier)

  11. Some of the most prestigious business schools don't have coop so thats something you should consider

  12. yeah, that’s what i was asking. Are you paying for the prestige only?

  13. The first comment perfectly answered your question so I don't understand why you feel the need to ask more

  14. Had both of those courses last year and neither teacher used the proper textbook for the class lol, just straight teaching from slideshows, just thought I should share.

  15. Yea I had these two courses and never used them either but now in uni we acc have to use them 😥

  16. Isn't this something your teacher should have provided?

  17. Your teacher won't go over every single question in class which is why people emphasis doing past tests / textbook questions. Also the cheat sheet is l a blessing imo cuz as your making it your also studying at the same time. You can also put topics on the sheet that you may struggle w and might need to refer back to during the test.

  18. Kinda tough answering this because I'm assuming ur in gr12 but I personally took a variety of courses in gr11 and hated my science courses but liked my business courses so I ended up in a business program in uni. Hope that helps

  19. I would probably go to the board. Pretty sure part-time cuts school funding so it would make sense for your principal to not allow it even though they should

  20. I had this course during quad system and got a 96. Def got way less work than u though

  21. It really doesn’t matter if you plan on doing masters, I see ur interested in business admin. Even if ur not, not really, Ontario cares more about your networking skills in co/op than anything else. School “prestige” is nonsense and isn’t like in the states.

  22. You are delusional for thinking prestige doesn't matter in business. Obv you can network and get a good job from a non-target but your average student from a reputable business school will more likely get a job w a decent salary versus the average brock business student.

  23. Not sure if your applying to business programs but some top business programs require an interview. Iirc it was like 3 video questions and 2 written questions which were all timed

  24. I took grade 11 chem and grade 11 and 12 bio (didn't do well in any of them lol) and found the course to be not too hard. I honestly don't remember if we used much actual science that would've been taught in highschool science courses but the whole course was basically centered around human reproduction and fetal development. I took it in summer 2020 with prof Barbara Czaban and got a C+. Not the best mark bc I didn't try very hard throughout most of the course but I put some effort into studying towards the end and got a good mark on the final exam (mid 80s I think). It was the second NATS course I attempted after NATS 1745 history of astronomy and I found it to be a lot easier. lmk if you have any other questions!

  25. Wow thanks for the detailed response. I guess my only worry is that my current bird course is psychology but I don't think I can handle the extra commute whereas if I take nats1675 I can have it fully-online and save time not commuting. If I take the course with some friends do you think I will be successful lol? I absolutely hated science in hs but I'm going to need to do good in this course to boost my gpa.

  26. I was a "part-time" student second sem and got my best two offers during that period so I don't think it matters

  27. Schulich takes a handful of transfers from the York BCom program, but that all really depends how confident you are in your abilities to get the GPA you need and meet the criteria to be able to transfer. Familiarize yourself with the criteria and figure out if you can pull it off because only you know the answer.

  28. Not sure how accurate the 'handful' part is. Upper years always say they've never heard of a transfer from bcom to schulich so I wouldn't count on that. Ryerson business programs are great and you should def try transfering.

  29. wait really? but i’m not planning on doing early application…

  30. I didn't do my supp app early but when your preparing for an interview its hella stressful

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