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  1. We didn't destroy, we just took what was ours! Even we gave them land to buit the mosque in other area! Jai Hind! Jai shree rama!

  2. It's not 300 old. Second,all mosques and madarsas should be bulldozed as they are training grounds of Jihadis.

  3. I guess the only thing they archive is more crimes for more tiddies.....

  4. It was a fight during a volleyball match between kashmiris and non local students later kashmiri called all their friends and started fighting, the fight turned out to be really brutal, stone pelting started, kashmiri as usual started saying alla hu akbar, pakistan zindabaad and abused India. They even removed the turban of a Sikh student and beat him , non local students also beat the Kashmiris and the situation was really brutal authorities had to call jk police and army inside the campus

  5. Party de Paytm karde me daru leke pee lunga tere birthday ki khushi me

  6. Bro rice bag ki reference dedo, im so confused

  7. but yeh ladki ko bina dekhye kaise cheidh raha tha……… burkey mein thi kya? 🗿

  8. I had the misfortune of being stuck in an Uber in NYC with a khalistani driver yesterday for an approximately 30 minute ride. But he did confirm my hypothesis that khalistanis are the absolute stupidest people alive.

  9. this is called guts and being hero , in the land of hyenas ….. Haryanvi waved the flag of India whereas Kuttastani can only bark about illogical khalistan from sasta punjab aka canada

  10. yaar religion kyu laa rha h idhar

  11. han bhai launga mein toh …….. jab enkeye randi maa baap ne kashmiri hindu ka genocide kiya tab bhi religion nahi laatey toh sahi tha

  12. arebhai, tereko kaise pta he suppported the kashmiri hindu genocide?

  13. kashmir genocide was all about ki kashmir belongs to these fucking muslims

  14. True. Bjp has really let down the law&order situation and their own workers down the sewers. Kerala, punjab, bengal have become breeding grounds of terrorism amd these guys have done NOTHING. Maan liya ke bhaiya aayega toh modi hi. Main bhi usi ko vote dunga. But its high time to take control of the situation. You dont have political presence in these places as it is, atleast clean the place. Take action and the country will support you more than anything. Even the silent majorities of the communities will support. Hell, modi was a ML from maninagar FFS.

  15. I agree but letting these dogs run wild all over india is not exactly PRO indian either. Hard decisions lene padenge hi.

  16. bhai tere aur mere jaise bandey ho toh india sach mein soney ki chidiya ho……. india agar war mein jati h pakistan ke sath bhi toh inida ko pak , china aur yeh anti india ke sath fight lena padega ….. baki i dont think india deserve democracy it should be turned communist like china or two party only like usa

  17. Aur mere muslim doston ne bhi madad ki 🗿

  18. Bhai mai same boat mai hun, kya krna chaiye?

  19. Ik mujhse nahi pucha aapne (and disclaimer I haven't worked in either of TCS Accenture and byjus).... But here is an unaskedfor piece of advice. As long as you aren't in dire need of money immediately, chordo byju ka paisa and go for tcs\accenture. 5 or 6 people have worked in byjus and all have left. Work culture is just absurd. I don't think 60000 a month is worth against roz roz ka headache that you'll most probably have to go through. Not only the mental pressure you bear, sales people (presuming that's the field you are entering) are forced to do sales which I find morally wrong too. Creating fomo in minds of people who will find it very hard on their financials to afford byjus but "aaj ke zamane mai aapke bachche ke future ke liye itna toh karna padega Anuj ke papa... Sirf 60000 rupay ka subscription hai aap apni saalaana 2lakh income mein se nikaaliye nahi toh barbaad hojayegi Anuj ki zindagi."

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