1. Your resistors in the trays are wet. Use a qtip and dry them all out. Their should be one in each module (level) of the lc.

  2. Cleaning alcohol, or in general 70%+ alcohol. Lightly soak a paper towel, press it on the stain. Repeat until removed. Not certain it is gonna work with all carpets and paints, but it should help. Otherwise, simple green/chante Claire degreaser (classic formula).

  3. Best version was when you were riding around and and you saw one you would hit the rood of the car and the last person to do it would have to remove an article of clothing.

  4. KEEP APPLYING. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot u can do but eventually ull find someone I know it's super frustrating especially out of college but the last thing you want is to get caught lying on your resume

  5. Have each person roll a d20 higher result gets it might not b the best solution but at least it's something.

  6. Daycare alone is worth the cost right now I'm spending around 800 a month for daycare for just one child and I know I have it pretty cheap compared to some.

  7. That’s a great price! How many days? Here in Ohio we’ve been lucky to find a few places offering full time day care (5 days a week) for around $1k a month, some are $1300 - $1400. Hoping to “just” need 3 days a week so trying to stick close to or below that $1k mark.

  8. So that is for 5 days a week and it's in home but the cost of living here is pretty cheap compared to most places. It's deffinatly something u should take into account though especially for a new born and looking forward.

  9. So I usually have large swarms of enemies roll the same initiative but they each have their own health and attack. It's way easier then having a billion creatures on the initiative tracker

  10. And cops might be wondering why me and so many others will never stop to help one of them if we see them getting beat down. It used to be that pigs like this were the exception. Now its the majority of them. This is what happens when county commissioners cut police salaries to the point that only worthless degenerates will take the job.

  11. So the cops around here are paid extremely well and it still attracts the same kinds of ppl. It isn't about the money as much as its about the power.

  12. Hey.its the dms rule tbh they probably made it on the fly talk with them between sessions

  13. DO NOT TIP AMYONE BUT YOU SERVER AT A RESTAURANT OR ANYONE THAT YOU WOULD NORMALLY GIVE TIPS TOO all this does is give the employer the ability to give wages plus tips to their normally hourly employees which is significantly less then they would make. Those ppl work hard and don't normally receive a good portion of the tips.

  14. I live in Florida and plan on having kids in the next 3-4 years and that group terrifies me.

  15. Wait until they sign the private school vouchers like Iowa. Good bye public schools.

  16. what do I need like do I need a map or anyhting like that? i have a sets of dice

  17. Pick up the starter set it's got a shortish adventure and is super helpful

  18. Not for those ones but when I do I also do the same type of descriptions or will tweek spells or abilities to match the situation. None of the effects or spells actually change but how they "look" does

  19. I want to be considerate to my DM.

  20. As long as they know it's just flavor and that there is not actual traits or effects that are changing such as target or damage type I find that most dms are cool with it

  21. It feels like you could achieve the same thing by just not telling what the DC was or whether the roll was successful? That's my default if I feel the character can't deduce whether they were successful.

  22. Getting them to roll for something that doesn't exist is great too. You walk into the room everyone roll Perception. Ok. What do you guys want to do. Add the sense that they are missing something and gives a feeling of the unknown

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