1. I had this argument elsewhere, and was reminded that, while our farm has been pretty bleak recently you do have:

  2. Don't try to show off. Listen to the young lady when she advises you that particular salsa is really, really hot. Do not smugly ask her to ladle it onto your dinner in the belief that you can handle it, shortly followed by coughing, wheezing, gasping, nose-blowing and requesting more beer and a glass of milk and a shot of Mylanta if they have any, while your wife quietly rolls her eyes and mocks you by refusing to say anything.

  3. The closer we get to baseball, the more I'm convinced David Villar hits 20+ bombs

  4. Who would you take out of this lineup for him?

  5. The problem with this is that Diaz represents a much bigger need than Villar. Diaz is a lefty bat that can play up the middle.

  6. For me, Flores is the one who seems most superfluous, but there's no way he is getting cut after the brand new contract, so it's going to be awkward somewhere.

  7. I'm not a hardcore prospectophile or anything, but Sugastey is the only guy in there Is even heard of.

  8. Apparently everybody was a big part of the Ruf trade... except for Ruf.

  9. It’s not made anymore but I recently learned those bricks of

  10. Question now I guess is if Wynn’s sticks around if he doesn’t break camp with the team or requests a release so that he can try and stick elsewhere with he would play in the majors

  11. He made it through waivers, so I would think the Giants are as good a shot as anywhere.


  13. The man is propping up the entire Jerry Curl industry by himself and you're going to hate? There's kids that will starve if it weren't for those glistening noodles.

  14. not that WAR is everything, but if you make a list of most bWAR by a relief pitcher from 2013-2022, McGee is 80th on that list

  15. Not going to lie, after the end of last season + the off-season I am not excited for this season at all. But once games are on, I know I’ll be sucked right back in

  16. The end of last season, I actually enjoyed. Once the bullpen was revamped, we traded Ruf for JD, the defense wasn't absolute garbage anymore, etc.

  17. Villar at 28 seems really high. It'd say 20 tops. He is basically a rookie. Also, just not sure how much they are going to play him.

  18. You definitely are projecting. You’re projecting those guys to stay healthy and play a full 162 games. When is the last time that happened for most of those guys?

  19. High five for being rational everyone. This article is garbage. Hope he has a great career. As long as it’s not against the Giants.

  20. It really is an absolute garbage article. I chose, after some debate, to post it because I haven't seen that quote from Heyman mentioned anywhere, and it's interesting.

  21. Unless he had permission to share this, which I strongly doubt, if a doctor really did say this, he should be sued to Hell and back for blatantly violating medical privacy laws.

  22. Heyman would have to reveal his identity first, which he would never do. (If it's true at all)

  23. White sox ranked 28th in errors per game and were all around horrendous defensively last year. I don't think he really benefited from fielding last year unless the team only felt like playing defense when he was on the mound.

  24. Yeah, probably. Though maybe McCray--Law seems pretty focused on age as an indicator.

  25. I can't tell if this is sarcasm, but missing the point entirely or ur actually saying you like BB/9.

  26. The point you keep raising which I take exception to is the often repeated "FIP discards 70% of data". This is simply untrue, as 60% of that 70% is composed of balls which are routine outs (or errors), and it treats these exactly the same way as ERA or RA/9--as outcomes which do not contribute to run production (or to a small and calculable degree for advancing batters).

  27. Sure I see your point with regards to the percentages I was using. It was mostly just illustrative, but you are correct. Although to be even more pedantic, even outs have different run values, even though they aren't calculated in models yet which you hinted at with your parenthetical comment.

  28. Ah, I see what you are looking for with the OAA data. That's my misunderstanding.

  29. Brady and Rodgers will both be available, let's just get them both and get Jimmy back and have 5 QBs, fuck it.

  30. I mean... If they had 5 this season maybe they win the Superbowl. You might be on to something.

  31. In the alternate universe he never deep dove into ayahuasca and kookiness, he actually used his QB skills and personality to leverage his way into the 2016 presidency somehow and implemented universal healthcare by calling it a touchdown in his campaign.

  32. Well, now there for sure isn't a spot for him on the 26-man so back to the Pirates.

  33. that's kind of what i'm wondering about. unless there's someone on the 26-man who's injured and they can stall for a bit.

  34. Yeah, maybe they can tapdance for a bit, but his already precarious position is even precariouser. Better be crushing that ball right out the gate.

  35. Oh, wow, yuck. bWAR for pitchers? Way too much random variability based on team D for me.

  36. Anyone have insight on why he basically hasn't played since a very good 2019?

  37. He played for the Guardians in 2020 and 2021, and for the Pirates in 2022. He had surgery for bone spurs late in 2019 and surgery on a hand early in 2021, perhaps that's what limited the number of games he played.

  38. It's worth being concerned about, but most people have unrealistic timelines for minor league development. It's the next two years or so that are make or break for Farhan. The FO will have no defenders left if we haven't got some homegrown talent flowing by then. The jury is out, and people who say otherwise crumble into a pile on the floor the second you ask them to point to impact talent drafted by other clubs in 2019 (Farhan's first draft) that has made it to the majors (hint: it's very, very, very little).

  39. Farhan has done a great job improving the team and Giants will be fine this year.

  40. The record has been an amazingly linear trajectory upward, with the one (astonishingly positive) outlier in 2021.

  41. I knew someone who was adamant that Bumgarner just didn't try as hard during the regular season, and could've won a CY every year "but he cares about saving for the postseason more than pointless awards, unlike Kershaw."

  42. The idea that there is ever a time when Bumgarner wouldn't chew his way through a brick wall to win is madness.

  43. They may have the best lineup in baseball. They have a very good pen. I'd agree the Dodgers have a better starting rotation but who else to be 4th?

  44. The Pads have Darvish, Musgrove and Snell. That's pretty much their entire rotation. All admittedly good to very good. Then...

  45. Is Ryan weathers just done? He was a top 10 pick 4 years ago. But I admittedly haven't heard anything about him in a couple years now.

  46. He threw up a 6.73 ERA in the minors last season and allowed the second-most homers in all of minor-league ball, so...

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