1. I mean it’s been stupid for a while. But harmless. This though is fucked, they should be arrested

  2. Melatonin supplements have to be taken in a very specific way to see objective improvements in sleep onset and sleep efficiency. It basically just tells your body you should be sleeping, but doesn’t supply you with the actual chemicals actually required to fall asleep, like adenosine and tryptophan. In addition, most melatonin supplements actually have way too much melatonin for your system, as they are not that well regulated.

  3. I’d seriously recommend moving, but if you can’t then I’d get a Corolla. 2015ish is a good year cause they still have all the modern features but are relatively cheap and can take tons of kms. If you want to near the top of your budget look at a roughly 2010 Lexus ls460. They are tanks and reguardless of the v8 get good mpgs on the highway

  4. Losi baja Rey. I’ve done a lot of work to the suspension but if you just replace the oil in it with 100 weight and take the front sway bar off it’s realistic as all hell

  5. As a student who saw the last big street party in person. Hell no they were even breaking into houses

  6. 21 years old me doing psychedelics and staring at a wall

  7. 2003-2009 4runner. Chassis and drivetrain is VERY similar to a 2023 yet it’s cheap. I had one with 390k kms and it still worked perfect

  8. I took acid once and redlined a car on my sim rig for like 10 mins and didn’t change gear

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