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  1. Just planted oranges, lemons, persimmons, grapefruits, avocado, and olives! Olives are actually fairly easy to make the oi, have a high yield, and would be a great trading tool. I have a fenced in 1/4 acre lot so don't have to worry about deer. Plus the chickens have been leaving them alone so it's a win!

  2. No, is your life so low, you can’t have any positivity in your life? JFC.

  3. She has Access to knives as does his assailant, does not she?. If she had a gun and his assailant had a gun, she would not be safer. Having a weapon of any kind, does not provide you with the skills or the moral compass to wield it. Allowing everyone to have something which only use is recreational or hurting people will only increase the effectiveness of ill-intended bastards, without increasing the relative defense capabilities of their victims.

  4. So, no. First of all, the purpose is not just recreational or hurting people. Hunting and providing food for your family. Second of all, protection/self defense for you and your family, which maybe you can say falls into the "hurting people" category but we're talking about shooting a would be rapist breaking into your home or, in this case, a knife wielding maniac. Which does not belong in the same category as someone just hurting people at random. Additionally the entire reason for America's gun culture is because it's perhaps the greatest deterrent against foreign invaders and radical governments that has ever existed. So many more reasons. Secondly, I'll take a gun fight over a knife fight any day. And I'll DEFINITELY take a gun against knife over a knife against nothing. Often times puncture wounds from knives are much deadlier than gunshot wounds. Plus it's much easier to defend and protect yourself in a shooting than in a hand to hand knife fight. Especially with proper training. So you can talk all you want about needing "skill and moral compass" to use something, but scroll up and you'll find a psychotic woman stabbing another woman to death, and I doubt she's had any knife fighting training. I'll take my odds against a bad guy with a gun if I'm armed too.

  5. Oh Lord, riddled with straw man arguments and inaccuracies. First of all, I'm not angry at all, not sure where you got that. In fact I'm quite enjoying reading this nonsense. So here we go.

  6. And people on this sub wonder why private security has a combination “wannabe” and “Rambo complex” reputation.

  7. Just throwing it out there, I'm a cop and ya'lls sub gets out in my suggested feed all the time, and I can confirm that it's stuff like this that gives me disdain haha. Personally I appreciate and don't mind security. Met some awesome dudes who do it. But these types who pop up in my feed are aweful lol

  8. Can we stop pretending like America is a sexist, rape culture society and that its not 1 million times better than other countries. Next week will be a video of a gaggle of Indian guys whipping their sister with sticks for talking to a man

  9. This is actually a private charter plane I'm pretty sure, like for this group

  10. How did you miss one of the largest news events of 2020?

  11. Bad idea? Sure. But can you think of anything more American haha. And I slightly respect it.

  12. I love how he addresses “Naked Man” like it’s someone he recognizes.

  13. um.... you ever read Genesis 41? When Joseph interpreted the Pharaohs dream and help plan to Prep for a famine?

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