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  1. Sorry, have to delay the information until I come back from the trip. Usually I'm not that secretive but WRs do that to me. It's in Ryker's Hope.

  2. They are hard to find undiscovered ones. I've only got about 25 or so, but I've been to 100s lol. I've never seen this variation before. Sweet find o7.

  3. OK. Maybe they won't hack you to death. But let's not pretend Islam is anywhere close to an accepting tolerant religion.

  4. Because i call out a shitty religion's horrible dogma?

  5. Again, they're not comparable. Calling someone a shorty and fatty have two very different connotations. One's infinitely more offensive because of the worse social stigma and invasiveness of it.

  6. This one is all foam and no beer. Someone should tell them that there's a vacancy at the Gray Matter Hotel!

  7. Colonizing. Have systems out in the black that need help establishing stations and planetary settlements. You could take your FC out to them and help them build stations, etc. By supplying them with commodities and ferrying people.

  8. Yeah, the body heals, but it's a shame great jackets don't.

  9. I owned one of these. Was pretty cool. Broke Fairly easily though. They do glow like this but need lots of sunlight/light exposure to glow this brightly iirc.

  10. How long can you keep "recharging" them for? Do they eventually fade or stop glowing no matter how much sunlight they get? Or is it permanently reusable?

  11. apparently not the omniscient being that designed said penis, then told us to cut it...

  12. Then doesn’t that mean you can’t land on planets with those on legacy?

  13. No worries. I'm just a snarky salty console commander lol.

  14. This guy sounds like he needs to get laid. Not likely though.

  15. Way fuckin worse probably, they arent necessarily doing the best job, but they did make a wonderful and fun game

  16. They literally gave up on their game. They stopped development for over half their fan base. Definitely made a fun game, but if you can't handle your shit, pass the torch to ppl who know what they're doing.

  17. Honestly they are the one company i dont care ab the dev part, they made a living universe with a wonderful community, the only thing they should do better is keep that alive

  18. I couldn't agree more, but stopping development for consoles isn't keeping it alive. They could have updated it for next generation consoles at least.

  19. People always ask me, "Why can't you just let people believe what they want to believe?".

  20. I would like to know as well. My dog still does this, lol.

  21. After having gone to Italy and Switzerland a few times... I just make my own meals now. You're absolutely right.

  22. For those complaining about the bugs... they are actually not that bad.

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