1. Thanks for the advice it's a lil comforting to know it doesn't go on forever. I've had allsorts running through my brain to the point where I feel I have to take myself away from my own family in order to feel anything but stressed and anxious. I hope that things will get better and I have engaged with mental health services.

  2. I can confirm in my experience it's done unconsciously, I'm shocked at how bang on your post was about the way I self sabotage my life every time I seem to get extremely stressed and over a period of time I found myself, drinking, shouting at the children pushing all my loved ones away as well as making threats and vendettas and I had no conscious idea of what I was doing until recently which scares the shit out of me. I always wondered why I end up alone and I'm trying my best to identify what the issue is and get help. I'm in a bad way at present the guilt you feel is terrible.

  3. Maybe u needed more Amber, milky tricks tend to be very euphoric especially 4 weeks ish into cure. I've been kept up most of the night playing ps5 and the like from these sorts of strains before now.

  4. Looks overwatered already g. Take a step back and add some trace once 70 % dry

  5. I first played it in 2016ish? So a little after everything of the first couple expansions? But I've still been through years of the stuff. It isn't the best believe me, and most of what he's said is true. However, I still play it just to build different characters up to 70, or whatever the new cap is. After a while it got tedious, but now I'm back because I have a little more free time.

  6. Same it's lvl cap 20 mate but I've hit 38000 item lvl in 2 days they have improved things I'm just grinding the campaigns now 4 boons and those re enforcement holes are expensive but grindable

  7. After 3 years away I can back day before yesterday rinsed my old tools and started a new. I must say I'm happier than I ever was playing before the improvements are good however the enchants no longer work and re enforcement plugs are expensive. Ima enjoy grinding this as in 2 days I've made myself 38000 item lvl. That's not too bad for a new toon. All I've spent is on vip.

  8. There hungry and pulling nutrient from your flowers to use for flower production, perfectly normal on autos I've had it happen almost every crop mate. Try not to fret but maybe look at your nute mix or add a little trace, my jack herrer was suffering a little but after some trace she's back to normal after a defoliate.

  9. I'm on day 30 from seed from seedsman and even tho she's having a few nute issues and I've topped em they look all right.

  10. Always top my autos I just did my jack from seedsman as I only have a 80 high tent but there small but very buddy ATM on day 30 from seed

  11. Have you chopped her, I'm on day 30 and was wondering what length of grow to expect, seedsman advise 70 days but I think she may go longer still

  12. Never had an issue with seedsman all my seeds have popped and I've had a gd Larry crop 4 free

  13. Looks like a nute burn to me mate I can't see that happening from an overwater, maybe look at your nute solution. Best of luck

  14. Am on these myself at the moment day 28 today and by the looks of this I'm kinda exited for the next 40 days, can I ask what day you had to chop please, cud really help my timeline

  15. Lil bit of nute burn there, she will come thru, remove the affected fan leaves and give her some clean water for a few days, then go bk to your notes with a slightly altered dose, works for me a few times.

  16. Oh yea she got fed soon as the lights came on this morning!

  17. Tidy man I'm guessing ur not uk like myself. Best of luk g, check my page and results u need a helping hand I'm a dm away best of luk growmie

  18. Ur doing fine g keep that light close ish till 15-20 cm then raise her and let her stretch a little to get them leaves out the pot after that come bk to me g

  19. She's due to turn and flower be aware of anomalies and don't mistake them for fuk ups. She looks like a photo so take care of her.

  20. Appreciate! Good looking plants you got going. Yeah I’m not mad about the amount of Amber. It’s about 5% on a smaller bud sitting in the middle of the plant. Upper portion probably 10-15%. I scope down lower as well to make sure they aren’t ambering out due to light stress.

  21. Now cut off oil! That will surely make the Allies stop supporting Ukraine /s

  22. Jus nuke the Russians they cause too much shit and nuclear holocaust they never got to suffer like the people they hate, make em suffer 4 a change coz if hwy don't we will.

  23. I learned a lot I’m not mad it’s small I live in a not so weed welcome region but I’m moving to a more welcome place and will be turning it up so thank y’all so much happy growing

  24. Any issues jus dm my growmie we all need experience I have 10 years so u won't go far wrong g

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