Race Vs Homicide rate Vs Poverty Rate

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  1. Turkish army doesnt usually release combat footage. They keep using the same old archive footage.

  2. Right but this is the combatfootage sub, there is no combat in this video.

  3. I wish Americans would wake up and see that we are in a one way relationship with europe.

  4. Big time. Two of our largest industries are Defense and Energy. All of Europe is now buying American gas instead of Russian, and we are selling weapons like hot cakes, not just to Ukraine, but to many panicked nations in neighboring regions. And that’s just the financial side. Our sphere of influence, our soft power, and our ability to project it has grow exponentially in the region as well. Not to mention Ukraine is slowly whittling away at one of our primary adversaries for pennies on the dollar compared to a direct American involvement in the war. This has been a great win after 4 years of Trump ruining relationships with our allies. A great win for democracy. A great win for NATO as a collective. I’d like to believe that by setting this interventionist precedent, we have also deterred other rivals from their nefarious pursuits cough China and Taiwan cough. With luck, Putin dies, we see pro Western regime change, and can begin discussing on the nuclear disarmament of Russia as a condition to be reintegrated into the global economy. Hats off to the Biden Administration on this one for a job well done.

  5. the USA leads the world in space exploration, scientific discovery, technology, medicine and leading universities.

  6. the correct answer to this is: "Yes, America is very very danger!! STAY OUT!"

  7. europeans taking out a second mortgage on their 800sqft apartment freaking out about this.

  8. Now imagine if you were british, canadian or American in Japan during wouldnt be on the beach, you would be getting skinned alive.

  9. i cant stand the british accent when i hear it, but otherwise really dont spend any time thinking about the british or any other country for that matter.

  10. Welcome to unfettered capitalism and systemic racism in America.

  11. poverty class in the USA does not equal poverty class in other places.

  12. eurocunts are so insecure and obsessed with the USA it kinda creepy.

  13. no one has given more to Ukraine than the USA....why are you trying shit on the USA?

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