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  1. If anyone finds any good deals on brake pads and rotors, I’m looking for some recommendations. Thank you in advance!

  2. You sent a chat. PM me if interested.

  3. Thanks! I checked and it says they’re out of stock so I might have just missed it

  4. I have a Benchmade 755 mpr in satin that just needs a good sharpening. Short but very thick.

  5. Appreciate the offer, but I think the Dodo might be too small for my hands

  6. Snagged one, $180 was always a little too rich for my blood for a SOG but for $82 I'm game to try it out!

  7. GLWTS, I carry this daily. Work mandates less than 2.5” blade.

  8. Thanks! Yea that was my initial intention, since my work has a length limit but I think my ace riv will be the better option for me. It's really nice how easily this just disappears in the pocket, though.

  9. If you plan on using it I would just sharpen it up & not worry about it. It’s gonna get more

  10. My thoughts as well, they offered to let me exchange it for another one but I think I'll just keep this one and thank them for the offer

  11. Hey hey hey, don't diss on the signature! It is, after all, Saint Nick.

  12. I regret that I sent an email to them before reading this, I could've included it.

  13. Unfortunately, no. As others have pointed out, a max of $400 would have been more realistic, and several can be found for $400 on Calguns. Regardless, congratulations on the new rifle and I hope you enjoy it!

  14. Beautiful! I'm waiting on my first GM to come in the mail, I snagged a brass Ace Riv. That blue G10 looks so nice though, wish that was an option for the Ace Riv

  15. Its a manix2 xl baby yeah its not a manix2 lol . This smokes the manix2. Enjoy it in 4v ....great choice besides cruwear.

  16. Yea I probably would not have jumped on this had it only been a Manix. I’m sure they’re still great knives but I was looking for something similar in size to the shaman and I think the XL will do great

  17. [WTS] mk7 gti Cobb accessport w/ dsg tuning [$1000] northridge, California 91344

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