1. When I went to see wrc for the first time last summer, what struck me was how not loud the cars actually are. Don't get me wrong they sound great but I was worried I should have taken ear pro with me until the first time I heard them live, and in rally you are literally within a touching distance of the cars zooming by

  2. WRC cars are not loud compared to other motorsport cars because they have to do transport stages on public roads.

  3. It’s probably going to be critical at some point. Only offroad capable UR with high ride.

  4. The game’s definition of MRA is situational. It’s describing how well the car’s total acceleration curve matched the race conditions.

  5. Play clubs, get cash, use cash to open ceramic packs. Get cars. Repeat.

  6. Wasn’t expecting more than T4 when I started, so very stunned I could hang at the top.

  7. Seems like a lot of relatively weak hands got this one, I'm guessing not many people chased too hard. Everyone's become anesthetized to even 100rq cars that a 90rq is more or less dismissed, I guess.

  8. I was lucky with a soft bracket. Only 7 names that are regular big spenders, even then 3 of those aren’t what I’d call whales.

  9. Because the measuring system used in game for handling is outright Gs pulled on a skid pan around a circle of X radius (I say X radius because I forgot the actual dimension used).

  10. Not it isn’t. The 840i Gran Coupe and Z4 M40i 3.0i are a prime example.

  11. That is the test they use. Or at least claim to use.

  12. Generally it’s when the factor that made the difference is something that’s shared by both cars, but can’t be quantified easily.

  13. Funny that decimals doesn't exist on other tracks

  14. That’s true. But displaying fractions of a mph is ugly from a design standpoint, which is why it’s never done.

  15. Mines been fully upgraded for a while and I gotta say this thing is amazing, mines 4.3, 95 and it definitely holds up

  16. It’s genuinely great. I had it in my hand for the recent BMW/bentley event and it’s strong for its rq on the tight handling tracks too.

  17. By “485 hp isn’t the answer to everything” he clearly means that more than 500 hp and a bald eagles screech is needed.

  18. To nitpick, it actually went down 5 RQ when it went low. That said, its probably one of the worst leggies to pack nowadays, because a lot of people have it maxed from when it was epic 2 years ago.

  19. Changing that pug from epic to leggy was the single worse change in rarity decision hutch ever made IMO.

  20. Love seeing rally cars on custom cards, and these are brilliantly made.

  21. So we're all just getting too trigger happy with screenshots now?

  22. What he is saying is that most people will have both cars 332d. And that means 323 will beat the 332 specs on twisty settings

  23. And will still lose on basically every track, including drags, to one upgraded 233.

  24. Save your gold to spam at the end if you think you’re in with a shot.

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