1. I was at the game in Miami where Shelby Miller was one out away from throwing a no-hitter. I also saw them clinch the NL East in 2004.

  2. if you didn't even win a game in the playoffs..did you actaully make it to the playoffs?

  3. Hopefully they don’t put another stupid fucking wildcard banner up.

  4. I didn’t think they could top the disappointment of last season. That was awful.

  5. Weird flex from a Cleveland fan to make fun of us for losing a WS we never lead. 2016 might be one of the biggest collapses in a Series we ever see. Up 3-1 and then blow a lead late in game 7.

  6. Does he still have the Russian eagle on the other side?

  7. It’s not the reason we lost but goddamn that ump is awful.

  8. Feel bad for Shane. Pitched an otherwise great game but is gonna beat himself up over that HR.

  9. Are they still going to play game 2? Seems so late.

  10. It does seem late for the end of a first game of a doubleheader but it’s not even 7 on the west coast!

  11. Seattle is losing at home to Detroit right now. If you want Cleveland, it’s a good thing we lost tonight.

  12. Brujan apparently is on a flight to Boston.

  13. That sucks that he won’t be there to lift the trophy. Hopefully he still gets a cut of the prize money.

  14. This Durham lineup is more exciting than the Rays LOL.

  15. For the record, the order total was $8.11. It was a stream where Knut was tasting/ranking various American fast food.

  16. I’m torn. I want to win but I’d rather play Cleveland.

  17. Just wait until the playoffs, I guarantee we will see at least one call by an ump that is 10x worse than that.

  18. He was safe but the inning should have been over if the fuckin ump called a fair game.

  19. I swear the Rays get the worst balls and strike calls every game.

  20. I don’t know what’s more boring, this offense or listening to the Kevin Kiermaier show.

  21. I assume the Jays manager won’t have a problem if we hit Bichette now?

  22. Going with Adam already? Who’s gonna pitch the rest of the game?

  23. If you are a Costco member you can get 2 $50 e-gift cards for $79.99.

  24. I got these signed when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure they were from a Twins spring training practice in 2002. The second one might be from a different team/event.

  25. Baltimore is now winning 5-2. Rays could only be 4 up after tonight.

  26. All that matters now is how they perform in the playoffs. If they play like this it will be another first round exit. I think the strategy of losing to get an inferior opponent in the playoffs rarely works but this year I don’t think it would be the worst thing to get the 6th seed and play Cleveland. TOR and SEA look dangerous.

  27. We don’t have the offense that can bring us back when we trail by a few or more runs late in the game. It’s like last season - the whole formula is to get a lead early and then hope the bullpen can hold on. That’s why teams like Toronto are a threat in the playoffs. More than half their lineup is a home-run threat.

  28. I’m surprised Jason “Maga” Adam is even vaccinated…

  29. Another game where Cash gets bullied and doesn’t even leave the dugout to stand up for his players. Then he decides to pitch to the hottest hitter on the Bluejays with first base open and it ends up being the winning run.

  30. Big series coming up with Toronto. Is Cash really gonna blow through his entire bullpen in this game? Why not just let one guy eat up innings?

  31. Braves also gave up 10 in the first inning in game 5 of the 2019 NLDS. 11 after 2.

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